Dolphins-Rams: Keys for Avoiding a Headbutting

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Following a dramatic loss to New England on Sunday, the Dolphins have to get going against a struggling St. Louis team.

The game will be played in St. Louis at the Edward Jones Dome. The Miami Dolphins have some issues to fix before they can call themselves an elite team in the AFC though. These things better not be overlooked even against their seemingly weak remaining schedule...

1. The defense has to stay consistent.

They played well during that four-game winning streak and even in the four games before that where they were 2-2 they played pretty exceptional as well.

No more of these 40 point games though, a shootout is a dangerous situation, especially with some of the explosive players the Rams have like Torry Holt. The defense cannot allow big plays like they did against the Patriots.

The defense has to stand its ground and retain it's tough, physical play.

2. Special teams has to step up.

The Dolphins cannot afford to give up big kick/punt returns and they have to try to create plays themselves like providing blocks for Ted Ginn and Devone Bess. Carpenter and Fields are doing their jobs and so are Ginn and Bess.

The Dolphins return and cover teams need to pull out some blocks and tackles if the Dolphins want to be successful.

3. Offense must utilize everyone.

They've been doing a pretty good job of utilizing their strengths recently. Now with Greg Camarillo out though they need to find another go to guy in the pass game which Pennington has been doing game in and game out. Perhaps Ernest Wilford can be utilized now.

The offense is definitely on the right track though.

The Miami Dolphins are headed down the right road for the future of the franchise, but if they want a playoff berth this year there's still a lot to be done. Consistency is what the Dolphins need first and foremost, on offense, defense and special teams.

Looking ahead to this Sunday the Dolphins need to cover the big receivers, contain the running game. Just the simple things are all the Dolphins need to do to take care of St. Louis this coming week.