Giving Thanks Where It's Due

Michael Null Contributor INovember 26, 2008

With Thanksgiving Tomorrow I thought I would give thanks where it's due. There are many things I am thankful for: My country, my family, my friends, xbox 360, wii, sports, and many many other things.  I am also thankful for the WWE rather they do it  like we think they should or not. Either way it's somewhat entertaining. So, without furthur ado here is my list:

I am thankful to Vice Mcmanhon because without him bringing wretling to the mainstream we would still have classic matches instead of these lame forgetable matches.

I am thankful to Ric Flair for 30 years of unforgettable memories that is embedded in my our minds for a long time to come.

I am thankful to Eric Bischoff although his lattest project makes me chuckle he made Vince rethink what he was doing there by giving us a few great years of wrestling.

I am thankful for John Cena and Edge who get another title run as soon as they appear on tv...who needs a good story when we can just hand the title to them?

I am thankful for HHH who marries in to the family and gets an unbelievable push and title runs and who has forgot how to put people over and squashes everyone he faces.

I am thankful for CM Punk his title run was so great it will be remembered till Wrestlemania 25...

I am thankful for the tag team division or lack there of in the WWE the matches this divsion has blows my mind I hope they keep it up.

I am thankful for ECW who's one hour program leaves me in awe every week because it belittles the orginal ECW...shame on you Vince.

I am thankful for Vicki who does nothing but put shame on her dead husband and family by having a "thing" with Edge and who's voice  annoys me to no end worst then a baby crying.

I am thankful for The Undertaker who to me is the best there will ever be.

I am thankful for the story writers of the WWE who can't come up with any good story lines anymore.

I am thankful for TNA who tries to compete but ends up failing and falling flat of they're faces and for trying to turn in to the WCW.

I am thankful for the WWE Divas for more reasons than one...

Despite how we feel about the WWE those are a few things we can be thankful for I am sure there are more reasons but that's my list.