WWE Rumors: Mick Foley Returning at Hell in a Cell?

TJ NagyAnalyst IIISeptember 23, 2011

Photo provided by codamon.com
Photo provided by codamon.com

Ever since he left TNA back in June, rumors have been nonstop concerning Mick Foley's possible return to a WWE ring. For many people, it's not a matter of IF he returns, it's a matter of WHEN.

The hardcore legend has hinted a few times that a return to the WWE is possible, but currently its all speculation and blind faith to whether or not it'll actually happen one day.

Well, things got a little bit more interesting a couple of days ago thanks to a couple of Foley's tweets. Who knows? Maybe he's closer to ring return then we all thought.

Here's what Foley had to say via Twitter on his @realmickfoley page:

"Maybe I'll show Jackman how it's done when I show up as the secret guest ref in the Hell in a Cell, RIGHT there in New Orleans, Louisiana!"

Sadly, this little bombshell didn't last too long. Soon after the tweet was posted, he retracted his statement and claimed he was just kidding about the whole thing:

“Ooops, pulled a Weiner there – that was supposed to be a DM to @michaelcole! Just completely ignore my last message!”

Wow Foley, thanks a lot...

Hopefully, this was just a way to cover up his tracks after dropping such a huge announcement on everyone. Maybe Vince McMahon decided to take out some of his fury on Mrs. Foley's baby boy for ruining the surprise. 

THEN, as if all of this madness wasn't enough, Foley had this to say not too long after:

"Does this mean @WWE #Raw needs a color commentator?"

Come on Cactus! Stop doing this to us! Next you're going to tell us that you just washed Mr. Socko and you're ready to use him on Michael Cole. 

Foley coming back as an announcer would be a great addition to any brand. He's always been known to work a mic and his humor has always been very underrated.

Plus, it would give Cole a nice break. I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of hearing that guy every Monday and Friday. 

Of course, just like all of the recent Foley rumors, this is all speculation right now. But then again, you never know.

Hopefully, the WWE has a few tricks up their sleeves for Hell in a Cell. As long as I hear Dude Love's music again, I'll be a happy man.

P.S. Have a Nice Day.