Are These College Football Rivalries Really Overrated?

Chris WhitmoreCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Aram Tolegian posted an article on about the top six most overrated rivalries in college football.

College Football's Most Overrated Rivalries

Here are excerpts from what he said for what he claims are the most overrated rivalries...


6. Kansas vs. Missouri

"One good season by both teams, and all of a sudden this is one of the best rivalries in the country? Yeah, right. Sorry, but our memories are longer than that. Who really cares if this is the second-longest rivalry in college football?"

Who really cares?  I'm sure if you ask a Kansas fan or a Missouri fan, they will tell you who really cares with a few expletives filtered in between.


5. Florida State vs. Florida

"That this rivalry lands on our list is no fault of the Gators. They've held up their end of the bargain."

Where was this guy between 1998-2003, when the Gators only won once (2001)?  So now when the Gators have the winning streak, all of a sudden it is not a rivalry anymore?


4. Miami vs. Florida State

"It's because not much has happened since those early '90s classics."

Not much has happened?  Did he witness the Miami Muff in 2005?  Did he see Xavier Lee turn the ball over twice within two minutes in the fourth in 2007 for Miami to win?  Did he see the comeback Miami mounted to almost win in 2008? 


3. Army vs. Navy

"Last season's TV's ratings checked in a distant last for the day and fell eight percent from the year before. So again, you can say you're a big fan of this series and preach patriotism, but it's obvious that passion no longer translates to interest."

I'm not going to even dignify this asshole with an answer on Army vs. Navy.


2. Notre Dame vs. USC

"But efforts like that have been few and far between. For it to become a legitimate rivalry again, Notre Dame must close a wide talent gap."

I'll admit this game has been less exciting to watch, but I am not a fan of USC or Notre Dame. I am sure the message boards are still heated during that week.


1. Alabama vs. Auburn

"Until this game pits two teams having meaningful seasons, it will remain one of the most overrated rivalries of the season."

Has this guy ever been on the Rivals message board for either team during the Iron Bowl week?


So if you are a student, fan, or alumni of one of the schools this guy mentioned, we should collectively get together and write an apology letter to him because our rivalry games bore him now.  Sorry we cannot include you in our hatred of the other school since you no longer find the games interesting to watch. defines a rivalry as, "The state or condition of competition or antagonism."  A rivalry in college football is between two schools.  There have been times that national implications are on the line in the rivalry, and yes, that does increase the rivalry, but in the end, a rivalry is between those two schools.

I am a graduate of Florida State, and I know there are some Seminoles who fully believe that if we go 0-11 the first 11 games of the season, the entire season could be redeemed with a win over the Gators in the last game of the season.  I know that is true for other rivalries.

So Aram Tolegian, what school did you graduate from?  What apparent hot sh*t of a rivalry is your school in that the entire nation cares about?

A rivalry is not supposed to be about getting good television ratings.  It's not supposed to be about what other fans from other schools think about them.  It's not supposed to be about impressing some smug asshole sports writer.

For those 60 minutes, once a year, that rivalry is about beating the other team and bragging the hell out of that win for the next year.