Top Five Players for Aston Villa

Benjamin RogersAnalyst INovember 26, 2008

It's time for the sixth issue of the Top Five series and this time we are taking a look at Aston Villa.

Just in case you don't know why I'm doing the Top Five series competition, it's so I can find the most popular football player, not just on Bleacher Report, but to whoever wants to vote as well.

The competition works like this: the players will be my choice and my decision, and will be selected from the opinions of friends whose football knowledge I respect. Any players that could be added can be sent by comments from the viewers of the article.

I'll do a poll every issue to see who is the most popular player from each club, then at the end of the long article series, I will put all the top names into one big league article.

After I've gathered the favourite players from each league, I will put them into the end article to find out who's the most popular player overall.

I will try not to just include Europe in the competition but also include some of the other major clubs from around the world as well.

The leagues I will look at will be the Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, LFP, MLS, Brazilian League, A-League, Portuguese League, and the Dutch League.

In the first five issues we looked at Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Spurs. In all five of the articles, people came out in their hundreds to vote and thousands to at least view the articles and for this I thank you as your opinions mean so much.

The Arsenal vote saw Fabregas win the Arsenal poll with 69.6% of the 273 votes, and the article got 3709 views.

The Manchester United vote saw Wayne Rooney take 39.9% of the 248 votes cast by the United fans and the article got 1667 views.

The Liverpool vote saw Steven Gerrard take 59.3% of the 322 votes cast by Liverpool fans, and the article had 2144 views.

The Chelsea vote saw Frank Lampard win with 59.7% of the 216 votes cast by Chelsea fans and the article made 1310 views.

The Tottenham vote saw Ledley King win with 41.8% of the 91 votes cast by Spurs fans and the article made 1128 views.

It's now time for the Aston Villa fans to step up and vote for their favourite player.

So without further ado, let's start the Villa vote.

No player has been ranked and the list is not in any particular order.


Name: Martin Laursen

Position: Centre Back

Age: 31

One of the best Centre Backs in the Premier League, Laursen is such a rock for Villa and is the captain of the club. His grit, determination, passing, and ball control make him the solid player he is today.


Name: Gareth Barry

Position: Midfielder

Age: 27

Such a sound midfielder who has deservedly broken into the England team many times. In many people's opinion he should be partnered with Steven Gerrard and not Frank Lampard. He is a Villa die hard and despite all the rumors from the summer, he has stayed to fight for his place.


Name: Ashley Young

Position: Winger

Age: 23

One of England's rising talents, Young is quickly becoming a crowd-pleaser at Villa Park. He has great speed and skill and can be a living nightmare for the best of defenders. I'm sure you all know that he is a great prospect for England, so we would do well to keep an eye out for his up and coming performances.



Name: John Carew

Position: Striker

Age: 29

For me Carew is a such an underestimated player and deserves more headlines. His size and ability really help him and can make him an unpredictable striker. His past record preceded him when he came to Villa and he hasn't let anybody down.



Name: Gabriel Agbonlahor

Position: Striker

Age: 22

For me he is along side Theo Walcott as one of the two best prospects for the future of British football. His ball control, skill, and finishing set him apart from the rest. He needs to be a bit more consistent but apart from that he has such a bright future.

Well, the Aston Villa list is done, I'll be back with the next team in the series in a day or two.

If you have any suggestions for who you think should be in the top five, then please feel free to leave a comment, or if you just want to vote for one of the five, then please get voting.

As always, I hope you enjoy the article.


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