Alternative Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers, Week 12: Ted Thompson Still a Loser

Aric BrowningCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Need I really compare the two from week 12? 

Here's a list of the Favre(4) points to base your descision on:



Favre went 6-6 on his first drive and threw a TD.  Overall he was 25/32 for 224 yds. with two touchdowns.

Rodgers went for a pick six and two other interceptions making that a total of 3 interceptions with numerous other poor passes that could have been taken back to the house by the Saints secondary. 


Favre beat the undefeated Titans by 21 points and if you watched the game you could see how conservative Mangini and the Jets were playing.  They were being absolutely, ridiculously polite to the poor Titans by not running up the score like they could have.

While Rodgers lost by 22 points to a team that was just sitting on a lousy .500 record.


Favre and his offense had the ball for 40 minutes, leaving his defense on the field for only twenty.

Rodgers and his offense had the ball for 32 minutes which is five more than the Saints had it.  (Even when Rodgers has more time than his opponent he can never manage to put up more points than them)


Favre showed that his team is the real deal by leading right out of the gates against an undefeated team.

Rodgers showed that Ted, Mike and Mark made a big, big, big mistake by not even staying close with a 5-5 team.