My WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2011

My WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions

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    Just two weeks after "Night Of Champions," WWE will be presenting us with "Hell In A Cell." Last year, we saw Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship, Kane defeat Undertaker with help from Paul Bearer, and John Cena join Nexus after being defeated by Wade Barrett.

    This year, we already have a few announced matches, but the rest of the card is fairly predictable due to the limited time between this and the previous Pay-Per-View event.

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Jack Swagger for the United States Championship

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    I believe this is actually a smart decision by WWE. Swagger and Ziggler are two very capable Superstars, so why not put them in a feud? The only problem is, Hugh Jackman broke Dolph Ziggler's jaw.

    At "Hell In A Cell," Jack Swagger will again challenge Ziggler for the United States Championship, but this time Vickie Guerrero will be on the line as well.

    Because of Ziggler needing time off, Swagger will win the championship and Vickie, and Dolph will be temporarily written off WWE TV.

Kelly Kelly (c) w/Eve vs. Natalya w/Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship

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    Things seemed to be turning around in the Divas division, until last Sunday. Kelly Kelly retained the Divas Championship in Beth Phoenix's hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. It may have been the obvious decision to give Beth the victory in Buffalo, but it was obvious because it was the smart thing to do.

    Is Kelly Kelly really becoming the Wonder Woman to John Cena's Superman? It seems so. This is reminiscent of the LayCool title reign last year, a feud with no direction.

    Kelly Kelly is one of the most talented Divas in the WWE, regardless of how poor the Creative Writing team is, and she will likely win again against Natalya.

Air Boom (c) vs. Otunga and McGillicutty for the WWE Tag Team Championship

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    About time we saw some believable Tag Team Champions, but really anybody is better then the former Nexus members. I would put Awesome Truth against the champs for a rematch, but they were "fired" earlier this week on Raw.

    There really is no question as to who will win this match, this is just to get the Tag Team Champions on the card. A clean victory will do nothing but help AirBoom.

Sin Cara vs. Hunico

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    I'm not really sure where this feud is going, probably nowhere, but it's happening anyway. This is a typical WWE feud, pointless. This will likely be a lengthy feud, stretching out many PPV's. The first installment will likely be successful, regardless of the charisma (or lack thereof) of Sin Cara and Hunico.

    How far can a feud really go without either Superstar speaking? Sin Cara will be the winner of this first match, but Hunico won't be done yet. Possibly a Loser Leaves Company match somewhere down the line.

Sheamus vs. Christian in a No. 1 Contender Match

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    I couldn't find their promo from "Night Of Champions," so here is a video from this past Raw. Sheamus enters at 6:10 in the video. So anyway, this match is just to get two very talented Superstars on the card.

    Christian already had his summer of glory, and will likely never win the championship again, but Sheamus is on the rise. Sheamus (moving to the main-event from mid-card) will cross paths with Christian (a Superstar on the mid-card who is still believable because of his recent success) in what should be a good match. Sheamus will obviously be victorious, and go on to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion.


    (Edge is also rumored to be appearing, so possibly another verbal attack on Christian before the match, or an interference to help Sheamus earn the win)

Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    (Inside Hell In A Cell)


    If one year ago somebody told you Mark Henry would be World Heavyweight Champion now, you would laugh, right? Not laugh at Mark Henry, because the man has always had potential, but laugh at the way WWE has built him.

    Not only has Mark Henry become a believable champion, but his charisma has improved greatly as well. His segment with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on Monday Night Raw was fantastic, Mark Henry has changed.

    Just beating Randy Orton once would be an accomplishment, but I believe Mark Henry will beat him twice, at least. At "Hell In A Cell" Mark Henry will defend his championship against Randy Orton, and should be successful once again.

    If one win against Orton proved to be monumental for Henry, imagine what two wins will be. Congratulations, Mark, you deserve it.

John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championsip

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    (Inside Hell In A Cell)


    I still don't quite understand what WWE is trying to achieve by putting CM Punk in this match, but they surely have something up their sleeves. A Hell In A Cell match usually isn't a technical masterpiece, but they are still capable of blowing the roof of an arena. Here is my best bet as to what will happen in the main event.

    Throughout the night, Triple H will be seen numerous times backstage, similar to his involvement at SummerSlam (prior to the Nash attack). The match will be a progress as expected, until Punk closes in on a victory.

    John Cena will be out of the picture, and Punk will set up Alberto Del Rio for his GTS finisher. Kevin Nash will once again attempt to interfere, and make his way to the side of the cage. Triple H will confront Nash, and the two will engage in a long-awaited brawl. The cage door will already be opened during the match, and Punk will become involved in the brawl, feeling the heat of the moment.

    The three men brawl until "No Chance" hits. Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Awesome Truth, make their way down to the cell. Everything comes to a halt in the arena, as everyone waits to see what happens next. McMahon and Laurinaitis confront Triple H, and Triple H attacks Laurinaitis.

    Suddenly its Vince McMahon, Awesome Truth, and John Laurinaitis vs. Triple H, CM Punk, and Kevin Nash. The unlikely allies fight outside the cage, while John Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Alberto Del Rio inside the ring. With Punk brawling outside with the others, Cena pins Del Rio and retains the title.