WWE Analysis: John Cena, the Hate He Shoulders, the Blame He Deserves

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WWE Analysis: John Cena, the Hate He Shoulders, the Blame He Deserves

John Cena: a name that will forever strike emotion in the hearts of pro wrestling fans.

It doesn't matter if you are a WWE, TNA, or independent wrestling fan. Everyone has an opinion of John Cena.

He is the face of WWE.

He is the most decorated full-time wrestler in WWE today.

He is a 12-time World Champion. He holds the record for number of times as WWE Champion at 10. He has held the US Title three times and the tag titles twice. He has ranked No. 1 twice in PWI 500. He has had feuds of the year. He has been involved in amazing matches with Shawn Michaels, Edge and CM Punk. He has been considered the most popular star in professional wrestling for years. PWI, Wrestling Observer and the WWE itself have all ranked him as the Superstar of the Year on two separate occasions.

There is very little in the WWE that John Cena has never done. In fact, John Cena's only missing accolade is being a triple crown winner because he has never held the Intercontinental Championship. Not that he will ever need that achievement.

John Cena is the WWE's biggest draw and a name that transcends the business.

When he retires, he will probably be entered into the WWE Hall of Fame that very year.

So why is he hated by so many wrestling fans?

Here is a man who has worked himself to the bone for the WWE. He has done great charity work and held the WWE together when it had no one else to help it.

Yet, there is a gigantic movement of professional wrestling fans against John Cena. He plays a face persona, but he gets louder negative reactions than almost any heel star.

He has incited chants that he "can't wrestle" and that he "sucks." The same guy who has done everything in this business is being told that he cannot do the job he has done his whole life.

Why would anyone with John Cena's work ethic and heart be booed out of a stadium by his own fans?


The answer is not a simple explanation. It needs to be addressed in parts by looking at:

1. His ability.

2. His character.

3. His behavior.

4. His actions.

5. Who's at fault.

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