WWE Night of Champions 2011: WWE Must Merge Main Event Championships

Brandon Galvin@bgny3Featured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2011

Every time I hear that the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships will be defended at the same event, I vomit and a piece of me dies inside each time.

WWE continuing to utilize two Main Event Championships is insulting to the fans, the wrestlers and the wrestling industry.

In wake of the recent “Super shows”—back in my day, we used to just call those regular RAW, SmackDown, Heat, etc. events—WWE needs to merge the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

They’ve already nixed the terrible idea that the RAW and SmackDown brands are separate. They merged the Women’s and Divas Championships and the WWE Tag Team and World Tag Team Titles, too.

Why then do we still have two separate main event championships? It makes zero sense at this point in the company, and it’s about time Triple H puts an end to the nonsense.

Both championships and individual champions are losing prestige. Considering we’ve already seen Randy Orton and Mark Henry carry the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW, there is no point in separating the two belts.

If every superstar is able to appear on both brands, what is stopping Alberto Del Rio or CM Punk from challenging Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Why is Christian so determined to get back the World Heavyweight Championship when he can just as easily jump to RAW and challenge John Cena for his?

It’s absurd and it doesn’t make a lick of sense. It’s insulting to our intelligence and the WWE superstars, too. Are we supposed to believe there is some invisible magical barrier that prevents our favorite superstars from challenging for these titles?

It is imperative WWE merges the championships immediately for the sake of their product.

They are slowly going back to the original process of allowing wrestlers to compete on both shows, which will make for new and exciting storylines. Now that certain wrestlers such as Henry and Sheamus have been built up as main event-caliber workers, WWE can introduce fresher feuds on both shows.

We could have a main event scene consisting of Cena, Orton, Henry, Christian, Sheamus, Punk and Del Rio. Throw in the Miz and R-Truth and we actually have legitimate contenders rotating for one championship to increase the prestige and notoriety of the WWE Championship.

We’re tired of seeing the same two or three people rotating back and forth, but by merging the titles, we will have the pleasure of never knowing exactly who is next in line for a main event championship-caliber feud.

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