Duck Fans Suffocating in Smug over Oregon State

KyleCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Walking around Eugene today, I noticed that my feet were dragging a bit. The good ol' Nikes feel just a tad heavier on my feet, rare for my green and yellow Air Pegasus+ 25 SE iDs. The air also seems a little bit denser, a little harder to breathe in. It’s thick, and I know exactly why.

I'm suffocating in smug.

Thank you, Beaver fans.

Thank you for informing me that your 8-3 ToD (Team of Destiny) is so vastly superior to my 8-3 team that the Rose Bowl is pretty much a foregone conclusion.

Please stop acting like God himself told you that the Beavers are going to annihilate the Ducks in every facet of the game this weekend. You'd think you'd try to keep your hubris in line due to the stakes of the game.  

But no, you come out and waste so much space on any Beaver/Duck-related message board that any coherent message is lost in the deep abyss of Beaver arrogance.

Take this blog entry, for example, at Building the Dam.

When you write something as laughable as, "Heck, our 3rd string running back had 60 receiving yards in the last game, which is more than LaGarrette Blount has had all season, so tailback is clearly a position where the Beavers have an overwhelming advantage in depth and overall talent." I cannot for the life of me think that you wrote that sentence actually believing it.

And, really, there is not a single sentence that you can ever type again that will have any ounce of credibility with me. I’ll never stop, pause, and say to myself, "Hey maybe he has a point." You’re losing the argument in horrendous fashion when Mr. Beaver Believer himself—John Canzano—is completely and utterly disagreeing with you.

Normally, I try to keep myself out of the oh-my-God-someone-is-wrong-on-the-Internet mindset, but it’s just too much.

Please. Stop the hubris, stop the smug sense of self-satisfaction and reveling in your team-of-destiny's inevitable march toward the Rose Bowl.

You know, I had a ToD once. A ToD season with national championship aspirations (bigger than the Rose Bowl, perhaps?). Then we had injuries to Paysinger, Colvin, Johnson, Costa, Bacon, Matthews, Leaf, and uh...oh yea, Dixon. That ToD became ToD to the Sun Bowl.

So, as a Duck fan, I've played the BCS what-if parlour game before. We had the seasons of 2000, 2001, 2005 and 2007. I know that this is your first flirtation with a BCS bowl since the thug-life season of 2000. It's been a pretty lean decade for you. I understand why you're pumped. 

But, please, take some advice from a Duck homer who has been there before—this game has a funny way of humbling you.