Duke Basketball: 5 Things the Blue Devils Can Learn from UNC

Graham KellyCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2011

Duke Basketball: 5 Things the Blue Devils Can Learn from UNC

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    The Battle of the Blues, two teams separated by nine miles on North Carolina highway, 15-501.

    The rivalry between the University of North Carolina and Duke is the most storied and intense in all of college basketball. However, despite the success of both programs, there are a few things the Dukies could still learn from there rivals in the southern part of heaven, also known as Chapel Hill. 

Stop Messing with the Uniforms

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    Has everybody noticed the absurd design on the back of Duke's jerseys by now? Seriously, what is that garbage? Is Coach K trying to get his team ready to play in Tron world, or perhaps a euro-trash fashion competition? Look Duke, you are one of the most storied programs in all of sports, you don't see Alabama football trotting out absurd uniforms, do you? Also, what is with the black jerseys? Is black a school color of Duke? Last time I checked it wasn't.

    Schools change their uniforms or companies change their logo when they feel they have a need to re-brand themselves. Apparently, Duke has an insecurity complex and felt the need to try to stay edgy.

    However, Carolina knows there is no prettier uniform combination then white and Carolina blue; just like Apple never changes its logo, Carolina always stays true to itself. 

Stop Getting Blown out in the Sweet 16

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    Yes, Coach K has won four national titles in his time at Duke, a truly impressive achievement. What's also as impressive is the way Duke has managed to crash and burn in almost every other NCAA tournament it has appeared in.

    Sandwiched around Duke's championship run in 2010, Duke was embarrassed and sent home in the Sweet 16 in '09 and 2011 by Villanova and Arizona respectively. Before Villanova sent Duke home, West Virginia upset a No. 2-seeded Duke team in the second round. The year before that, VCU sent Duke home in the first round. J.J. Redick's Duke career was also crushed in the Sweet 16 by a high-flying LSU team. 

    For the Blue Devils, it is definitively boom or bust come tournament time. UNC, on the other hand, in the Roy Williams era, can almost always be penciled into at least the Elite Eight pretty comfortably. You wont ever see UNC being literally run out of gym by a more athletic team like Duke was against Arizona last year. 

The Cheerleaders

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    While I'm sure they are all nice, young women, with the kinds of bright futures that a degree from Duke offers...the Duke cheerleading team won't make anybody forget Oregon's or the Song Girls of USC anytime soon.

    UNC, on the other hand, one of the most popular t-shirts in all of Chapel Hill features the slogan "Carolina Girls...best in the world." 

Get a Life

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    Krzyewskiville is the lamest thing I have ever seen. The mainstream media loves to blow up the Cameron Crazies because they have "such amazing school spirit." However, they are missing the point, those kids are losers. Do they really have nothing better to do than camp outside of their basketball arena and play beer pong all night? Don't get me wrong, tailgating before college sporting events is the greatest thing ever.

    However, we are talking about camping out, on campus, nights before the game. Are there no good parties at Duke? Surely, some of these kids would rather be at Shooters (Durham bar) than playing beer pong like they are still 16 in a tent village. 

    Also, what is with the outfits? Painting up hasn't been cool since, well, ever. All those kids look like they just came out of a giant, royal blue, children's dress up game.

    They look like lost smurfs, not "school spirited."

They'll Never Be Carolina

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    At the end of the day, Duke is an odd school.

    A private, rich-kid school in the middle of Durham, NC that has an unfortunate-looking student body, mostly from New Jersey. A tendency for producing NBA busts (unlike say, Micheal Jordan), they have nonathletic teams that rely on hardworking defense and jump shooting that occasionally get lucky in the NCAA tournament and don't run into a more talented team than themselves (unlike Butler).

    Sorry, Duke, it's going to be another glorious season in Chapel Hill with "jump around" blasting before every game while the Blue Devils will undoubtedly be back in Durham before the Elite Eight.