John Cena...Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

Demetrus StokesAnalyst INovember 25, 2008

As predicted by many John Cena made his return to a WWE ring and became World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series. 

While many are glad to see him back the fact remains that John Cena is still hated on by many. 

Has there ever been a superstar who rose to stardom quickly, was adored by fans and then all of a sudden hated?

One comes to mind...The Rock. 

The Rock came on the scene as Rocky Maiva.  Got a huge push and within in a short amount of time became Intercontinetial Champion. 

He then began to experience what John Cena is currently experiencing, constant booing from fans. 

Rocky Maiva then turned heel, joined The Nation, became The Rock and rose to super-stardom. 

That's right, The Rock became a superstar as a heel!  To top that off, The Rock sold a heel! 

We've heard the argument that Cena sells so much merchandise (particularly to kids) that he cannot turn heel.

Can't Cena have the same success that The Rock had during his time as a heel?

Consider this, both Cena and The Rock are/were huge with children and women. (The Rock built his younger fan base when he turned back face)

The advantage that The Rock had was that he was over with men as well.  

The Rock could make you laugh with his promos, he had catchphrases, he had the eyebrow, The Rock had the skill to appeal to the male audience. 

John Cena is indeed charismatic but his current character is wearing thin. Both he and WWE brass must find some way to reinvent his character to become appealing to the core WWE fan...MEN. 

Over the years, The Rock showed a constant ability to reinvent himself.

When Hulk Hogan returned right before Wrestlemania X8, Rock was a face and one of the most popular superstars in WWE. 

The nostalgic feeling that Hogan's return gave fans made them all of a sudden turn on The Rock.  He began to be booed again.  He went into Wrestlemania X8 in Toronto with most of the crowd booing him.   

He won that match but it led The Rock to a point where he had to change up his character. 

We were then introduced to the leather vest wearing, "Hollywood Rock." Not a big time deviation from his current character but just enough of a tweak to keep him entertaining. 

So John Cena, it can be done.  You have to find it in yourself.  Simply put...

You need to "Smell What The Rock Was Cooking."