WWE: 6 Reasons John Morrison and Alex Riley Should Form a Real Tag Team

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IISeptember 22, 2011

WWE: 6 Reasons John Morrison and Alex Riley Should Form a Real Tag Team

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    The WWE mid-card is an interesting place to be.

    Sometimes, you can be a mid-card worker and still receive a huge push that makes you look like a main eventer. Other times, you can be a mid-carder who looks like he's being de-pushed to the bottom of the WWE totem pole.

    John Morrison and Alex Riley seem to be in that latter group.

    Ever since Morrison returned from a neck injury earlier this summer, he's been booked so horribly that I can't even take him seriously as a United States Championship contender, much less a World title one.

    Then there's Riley, who was getting some big baby face pops during his feud with The Miz, but hasn't done much to note since then.

    So, what do you do with two guys like Riley and Morrison who are wallowing in mid-card hell? You put them in a tag team.

    Here are six reasons why a Riley/Morrison pairing should happen.

6. They Have Nothing Else to Do

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    John Morrison and Alex Riley did just compete in a United States Championship match at Night of Champions, but don't let that fool you.

    I'm convinced that the only reason they were added to that bout was to avoid a heel/heel matchup between Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, and that's a sign of just how far both Morrison and Riley have fallen.

    I mean, they literally have nothing else to do on Raw.

    Morrison lost to Alberto Del Rio in less than a minute this Monday, and Riley didn't even appear on the show. This could definitely be a sign of things to come, too.

    Both Riley and Morrison appear to be in the dog house for some reason or another, and with SmackDown stars appearing on Raw every week, they'll likely be pushed even further down the card.

    Perhaps if they go for a tag team, their fortunes will turn around. 

5. So John Morrison Can Eventually Turn Heel

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    How do 90 percent of tag team breakups end? With one guy turning heel (or baby face), of course.

    Unless it's a random tag team thrown together with two guys who are already feuding—see John Cena's history of tag team title wins—then that's usually what happens.

    If it's a baby face team, one guy attacks the other and turns heel in the process. If it's a heel team, essentially the same thing happens—only, the guy turns face instead of heel (like Alex Riley did with The Miz).

    All that being said, John Morrison needs to go back to being a heel.

    Though his offense is best suited for a baby face, he is 10 times better on the microphone as a heel than a face. His corny PG era promos have been horrible, and I think that's one of the main reasons he hasn't risen to the main event scene.

    So, my hope is that the WWE pairs Morrison with Riley, they tag for a while and then Morrison turns on Riley, turning heel in the process.

4. Both Guys Work Best in Pairs

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    Though it initially appeared that Alex Riley would do well on his own, it's become pretty clear that he performed best when paired with The Miz. 

    It's not that he was booked strongly, it's just that he was a player in Raw's main event picture and served a much bigger purpose with The Miz than he's serving these days.

    Riley needs to be paired with someone else, and so does John Morrison.

    Regardless of how talented he is in the ring, Morrison has always thrived when working as one half of a tag team. He tagged with Joey Mercury as part of MNM and also teamed with The Miz from 2008-09 as one of the best tag teams of the PG era.

    It was as part of those tag teams that Morrison was at the top of his game, and if we're going to listen to history, then we should realize that Morrison in a tag team is more successful than Morrison as a singles competitor. 

3. To Hide John Morrison's Struggles on the Mic

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    I cannot stand John Morrison's promos as a baby face.

    I understand that he's not the one writing them, but come on—you've gotta cut it out with the silly jokes and the ridiculously over-the-top insults. I feel like I'm watching a second grader talk smack to a classmate when Morrison gets on the mic.

    As a heel, on the other hand, Morrison's actually pretty good.

    When he was ECW Champion or hosting "The Dirt Sheet" alongside The Miz, we could see that he was more charismatic and more comfortable in that role. But, if he's going to remain baby face, then he needs someone to do his talking for him.

    I'd love to see him get a manager, but we all know that's not happening. So, the second best thing would be to have a tag team partner cut the majority of Morrison's promos for him.

    While not everyone's cup of tea, Alex Riley's a pretty good talker, especially for someone relatively new to the wrestling business.

    Should he and Morrison team up, he could certainly hide some of Morrison's weaknesses on the mic. 

2. To Hide Alex Riley's Inadequacies in the Ring

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    Look at that video, and you might initially think that the botch you're seeing was Jack Swagger's fault.

    It wasn't at all—it was Alex Riley's.

    The more we've seen of this guy in the ring, the more we've come to realize that he's either still incredibly green or just isn't a very good wrestler.

    Either way, though, the fact remains that many have questioned Riley's less than stellar in-ring work and whether he can succeed if he doesn't drastically improve in the ring.

    I'm all for having him compete in singles action in order for him to get better, but there's also another way to get around Riley's struggles in the ring—put him in a tag team.

    By pairing Riley with John Morrison, you solve two problems: You hide Morrison's weaknesses as a talker and Riley's as a wrestler.

1. The WWE Needs More Tag Teams

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    It appears that the WWE is at least trying to rejuvenate the tag team division, but that's just not possible with the limited number of legitimate teams the division has at the moment.

    You've got Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (collectively known as Air Boom) as the WWE Tag Team Champions, then you've got R-Truth and The Miz (depending on what happens with the firing), David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, the Usos, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks and...that's about it.

    That just won't cut it.

    If we're actually going to make some real improvement in the tag team division, then we need more tag teams. Plain and simple.

    John Morrison and Alex Riley aren't doing much these days, so they might as well team up and help solve the problem.