New Sports-Comedy Flick Set to Film Featuring the New York Mets!

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

If you've grown up during the early '90s like me you've been entertained by numerous sports movies. Most of them were incredibly corny, yet some how I found myself attached to some of these films.

Do you happen to remember such "classic" baseball films such as Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield, Little Big League, Major League 1 - 3, and Mr. 3000 just to name a few? 

Well as a kid I always wondered what it would be like if the New York Mets had a movie made about them, and the 2008 New York Mets have a perfect story line and cast of characters to make one of these movies a realistic production a few years down the road.

Most of these baseball movies revolve around a few of the everyday players, all trying to find their own in the major leagues. All come from different backgrounds and have different motivating factors as to why they play and what they are trying to accomplish. And I believe the mets roster has plenty of interesting fellows that would fit perfectly into one of these sports comedies.

I already have a few cast members picked out. Morgan Freeman would make an EXCELLENT actor to play Jerry Manuel, and the guy who played Pedro Cerrano in Major League could be found, wherever the hell he is, to play Carlos Delgado. Willy Randolph's role can be filled by Danny Glover...the scene where Omar Minaya fires him in his pajamas would be hilarious.

But the actors aren't as important as the unique characters  of the movie, each with their own agenda and outrageous personality, just like many characters of the above mentioned movies had.

Jose Reyes is the typical party-going youngster who needs to get his head on straight.

David Wright is the guy way too into his looks and trying to do too much.

Oliver Perez is the dumb stupid guy who can't add one plus one.

Carlos Beltran is the quiet one who doesn't talk to anybody in the clubhouse.

As I mentioned before, Carlos Delgado not only looks like Pedro Cerrano, but I can even imagine him sacrificing a chicken in the clubhouse to help him snap out of the skid he was in before the all-star break.

Billy Wagner is the redneck hick from the south who runs his mouth and everybody on the team hates him.

Aaron Heilman would also make great character just from his body language on the mound alone.

Luis Castillo would make a very good antagonist, especially to Jose Reyes' character. The aged veteran who won a championship finds himself struggling and getting booed out of the stadium. The team takes off when he's injured, but falters again when he returns.

All of these character traits are a little exaggerated from real life, but I think it makes for a great cast for a new sports movie or book. It could revolve around the team's struggles to overcome their adversity, and they nearly accomplish their task, but miss out again on the last day of the season.