NBA Notes 11/26/08

Jason ColdironCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Here are some of my random NBA Season notes based on what I've seen so far:


-          The Clippers have reverted to their old, clueless ways. What the heck are thinking out there?

-          Rudy Gay and O.J Mayo could be the beginning of something great in Memphis.

-          The Spurs will right their ship and get in the playoffs. Once there, they could do damage if healthy.

-          New Orleans will recover from a slow start and be a threat in the West.

-          Brandon Roy is a stud.

-          The Blazers are really good and are gonna get a lot better.

-          The Kings are about a year and a half behind the Blazers in their growth.

-          The Lakers depth is outrageous, but one key injury to Bynum or Gasol and they could go down.

-          Mark Cuban’s love for Jason Kidd set his Mavs back years. To make matters worse, he could soon be the next Martha Stewart for his stock dealings.

-          The Nuggets have surprised me so far. The Iverson- Billups trade has helped them more than I thought it would.

-          The Mavs are in trouble. Deep, deep trouble.

-          The Suns are in almost as much trouble.

-          The Knicks have executed the first stage of their plan, having cleared cap space for the summer of LeBron. The question now is will they actually be able to draw away a Lebron, Wade or Bosh from their current teams in 2010?

-          Jamaal Crawford should be great in Golden State.

-          1-10 start is bad, but Eddie Jordan got a raw deal with the Wizards.

-          1-12 is bad, and P.J Carlesimo did deserve the axe from the Thunder.

-          This year could turn out to be one of the better rookie classes from top to bottom in a long time.