A Trojan, a Beaver, and the BC$: Sorting Out the USC-Oregon State Mess

Josiah RiceContributor INovember 25, 2008

"An Oregon State victory over Oregon will end the Trojans' National Championship hopes," writes Joseph Morgan in his latest article, "Joseph Morgan's College Football Top 25".

Not quite, Joseph.

Beg to differ, but strangely enough, an Oregon State victory over Oregon, thus ensuring the Beavers the Pac-10 Title, actually helps the Trojans.

If OSU loses, the Rose Bowl will automatically take USC as the Pac-10 champions. But USC has made it quite clear they don't want to return to the Rose Bowl for the third season in a row. Trojan DE Kyle Moore has even gone so far as to say so publicly. Obviously, that would cut off their already very slim BCS Championship hopes.

If OSU wins, as Pac-10 champions, they'll go to the Rose Bowl. However, the Trojans will still make a BCS bowl. They're too high in the BCS standings (and too much of a draw as far as TV ratings go) for them to be left out.

So, if the Beavers can manage to win the Civil War without star tailback Jacquizz Rodgers or starting QB Lyle Moevao...SC will likely end up in the Fiesta Bowl, and maybe, just maybe, even the Title Game. Stranger things have happened.

"Hold on," you say. "You're not claiming...No! The BCS wouldn't take the Trojans just 'cause they'll bring in more money, would they?!?"

Hahahahaaaa...saddle up, sucker.

Welcome to the BC$. It's not about football. It's about money.

No, I didn't and don't expect Mr. Morgan to understand every possible BCS scenario. Heck, it's commonly known that even the BCS "officials" and "experts" can't fathom the depths of complex absurdity to which they and their system can lead. But I thought I'd just clear this little area up.

Final Thought: Never underestimate the BC$'s ability to screw it up. If there's one thing we can trust them to do...