WWE News: NWO Revival Would Fail in Current Storylines

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 21, 2011

On the latest episode of “Monday Night Raw Super Show,” Triple H fired R-Truth and the Miz.  The Awesome Truth attempted to attack Triple H after their firing, only to be apprehended and thrown out the back door. 


This incident has stoked the fire on the biggest rumor of the last few months:  The Return of the NWO. 

I will neutralize the assumption that I am a “hater” of the New World Order first.  The music playing as I walked down the aisle to get married last year was the NWO theme. 

My groomsmen and I coordinated a replica entrance of the legendary stable much to the surprise of my family and friends.  Surely, no one thought the groom would be wearing a boa, sunglasses and playing an imitation belt like a guitar on his wedding day.

My point is I do not hate the NWO.  I hate the thought of a revival with Kevin Nash, R-Truth and The Miz at the core.

I will not deny that the firing of Nash, Miz and Truth has potential to ignite a friendship amongst the three men.  They all have a common enemy in Triple H.  They may even have a common ally in John Laurinaitis. 

However, bringing the NWO back would be a mistake.  In fact it would be insulting.  At a time where ratings are low due to Monday Night Football, the WWE seems to be doing anything to gain viewers.  John Cena having the title only further ensures the younger audience never loses interest.

Is it THAT unrealistic for the WWE to bring back the NWO for nostalgia’s sake and cater to their loyal, older fans?

There is no mistake that many fans seem embrace an NWO revival.  It would sell some new T-shirts, but are there no other original ideas out there except to bring this stable back a third time?

Kevin Nash may not be able to ever compete again.  So he automatically becomes a figurehead instead of the main event wrestler any successful super stable needs.  Even if he did try to wrestle, how long would it be before he was injured?

The Awesome Truth, while a formidable team with star power, are not enough for me to be convinced the NWO could wreak havoc upon the WWE.  Thus far, they have lost their only two tag team matches.

When the original NWO formed in WCW we had Hogan, Nash and Scott Hall at the core.  Hogan and Nash were legitimate main event material, and Hall was the king of mid card titles. 

Then the group recruited other talent to grow larger.  They had almost every division covered:  Cruiserweight, Main Event, Mid Card, even jobber.

Who would be the main eventer to defect from WWE and become the WWE championship threat?  Who would play the role of “Hogan” or “Nash” or “Savage?” 

At a time where superstars are scarce, I do not see any wrestler the NWO could recruit to be their main guy.  The Miz and R-Truth would concentrate on dominating the tag team division, and there could be mid carders and divas recruited to take over their divisions, respectively.  Without a dominant force, though, the stable would be weak.

For anyone thinking Alberto Del Rio could be that guy, forget it.  I am of the belief that he lost all credibility with his loss to John Cena at Night of Champions.  The WWE tried to make Del Rio look like he finally had a killer instinct on Raw.  Too little, too late. 

I am just not convinced a revival of the NWO would help current storylines.  I do not want to see a heel stable form right now so John Cena, Triple H and CM Punk can work together.  The focus needs to be on reviving the WWE title picture, not retread a stable that peaked in the late 1990’s. 

The WWE needs to move forward.  I loved the NWO, the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Those days are done and we can all enjoy looking back on them. 

I do not want to relive those memories by seeing weaker versions of them in today’s WWE.  I would rather see new, original ideas and the company being led by a younger generation of stars.

The WWE should be working on storylines we will remember in 15 years, not bringing back storylines from 15 years ago.

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