Nebraska Football: Black Helmets for Cornhuskers at Wisconsin Confirmed!

Patrick RungeCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2011

(The definitive proof of Nebraska's black helmet to be worn against Wisconsin on Oct. 1. Maybe. Photo originally located here.)

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Yes, yes, Nebraska played a game last Saturday. Most accounts had NU winning the game, although the Hotwire staff couldn't really be bothered to make sure. Apparently there was a little bit of concern that Nebraska's defense was kind of terrible for much of that game that NU may or may not have won.

Never mind all that. Did you hear? Nebraska is going to wear black helmets for the Wisconsin game! OMG! OMG! OMG!

This is real "stop-the-presses" kind of stuff. At least it would be, if the Internet actually had presses, instead of a connected series of tubes. But this is big news.

Nebraska is about as conservative as it gets with its uniform, so any kind of tweak would be a massive change. It would put Nebraska on the cutting edge of athletic departments, with teams like Oregon. And Maryland. And South Carolina. Heady company to be in.

Because, of course, storied programs with great history never, I mean never, make any one-time changes to their uniforms.

But this leak means the cat's out of the bag, right? Well, obviously, the university wants Nebraska to have a competitive advantage with the black helmets against Wisconsin. So to combat the leak, Nebraska has fed a disinformation story to Brian Rosenthal from HuskerExtra debunking the whole black-helmet-at-Wisconsin story as a joke from the trainers.

MADISON, WI - SEPTEMBER 10:  A general view of Camp Randall Stadium as the Wisconsin Badgers take on the Oregon State Beavers at on September 10, 2011 in Madison Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Oregon State 35-0.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Sure, Brian. You're expecting a little thing like journalistic integrity to stand in the way of The Truth. (After all, it's not like journalistic integrity has gotten the Hotwire very far.) Next thing you know, you'll want us to believe that humans have stepped foot on the moon, and that Elvis isn't alive and running a Dunkin' Donuts in a suburb outside of Boston.

We here at the Hotwire know better. We know when "They" are trying to make us believe a lie and cover up what's "Really Going On" out there. By clearly and logically disproving the black helmet conspiracy, we at the Hotwire believe Rosenthal has all but confirmed that Nebraska will in fact be wearing those black helmets. That's how conspiracies work, after all.

The Truth is Out There. Now, if we can only convince Gillian Anderson to come out of retirement for one more movie ...


BeeOneGee Conference Update

We at the Husker Hotwire are committed to keep you up to date on the news surrounding Nebraska's opponents in the B1G Conference. Wolverine Hotwire reports that Michigan has banned Dennis Talbot from the sidelines in Ann Arbor.

Why is this a big deal? Because Talbot was the guy who got Ohio State into trouble for the whole autograph sale kerfuffel. Which, of course, makes it a bit mystifying why Michigan is banning the guy from its sideline instead of giving him some kind of medal.


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TALLAHASSEE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17:  Landry Jones #12 of the Oklahoma Sooners passes against the Florida State Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium on September 17, 2011 in Tallahassee, Florida.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Sooner Hotwire reports that Oklahoma has told the Big 12 that it will not consider remaining in the conference unless Dan Beebe is removed as conference commissioner. Which is funny in and of itself, and even better when it means that the parody Twitter account @DanBeebe is getting more attention. If you're not following Beebe Magic, you should be.

BC$ Hotwire reports that the people running the scam charitable enterprise called the BC$ are thrilled about all the conference realignment news. Not because it's good for college football, of course, but because it draws attention away from yet another story about the BC$ (specifically, the $ugar Bowl) making illegal campaign contributions. Here's how it works:

Reporter: Mr. BC$ executive, is it true that you are avoiding taxes as a charitable enterprise while extorting millions of dollars from state-sponsored athletic programs and funneling those dollars to illegal campaign contributions to help you maintain your tax-exempt status?

BC$ Executive: Um ... look over there! Utah State just joined the Pac-29!

Reporter: What? Where? (running off)

Gamecock Hotwire reports that head Gamecock Steve Spurrier would like everyone to know being informed by the NCAA about your school being investigated is no big deal, it happens to everyone.

And while Spurrier might be closer to correct than anyone would like to admit, it's unlikely that the folks at USC feel that way about the letter they initially received from Indianapolis. And it's likely that the folks at Ohio State are hoping he's right. As are the folks at Oregon. And North Carolina. And ... wow, maybe Spurrier's on to something here.


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