WWE Tag Team Championship Invitational: A Champion Crowned

Demetrus StokesAnalyst INovember 25, 2008

Last week, I introduced Round 1 of the WWE Tag Team Championship Invitational, featuring 16 of the best tag teams in Smackdown history. 

In this article we will matchup the remaining teams and crown a champion and the best tag team in (current) Smackdown history. 

South Region Final

#1 London & Kendrick vs. #2 Deuce & Domino

The irony in this matchup is that Deuce and Domino defeated London and Kendrick to win the WWE Tag Titles back in April 2007.  However, London and Kendrick dominated the division for nearly a year.  They get the nod.

Winner: London & Kendrick 

Midwest Region Final

#1 Los Guerreros vs. #2 MNM

This may be the best elite eight matchup we have.  Los Guerreros were fan favorites and a great tag team.  There was natural chemistry between Eddie and Chavo.  MNM weren't fan favorites, but they had the third longest reign in Smackdown history. 

Winner: MNM

East Region Final

#1 Miz and Morrison vs. #3 The Dudley Boyz

As legendary as The Dudley Boyz are, they are no match for the success that Miz and Morrison had on Smackdown.  If this was a contest based on career achievement, it would be no contest.  In this case, it is not.

Winner: Miz and Morrison 

West Region Final

#1 World's Greatest Tag Team vs. #3 Billy Kidman and Paul London

This is a tough one to call.  The WGTT showed that they could last without riding the coattail of Kurt Angle.  London showed that he was able to be a great tag team partner teaming with Kidman and Kendrick, having success with both.  I give the edge to Angle's boys.

Winner: World's Greatest Tag Team

Final Four

#1 London & Kendrick vs. #2 MNM

Two of the greatest tag teams in their show's history go head-to-head as they did many times in real life.  This one is very, very close but....

Winner: London & Kendrick

#1 Miz and Morrison vs. #1 World's Greatest Tag Team

Another great matchup of two great teams.  This one is not as tough to call as the previous matchup.

Winner: Miz and Morrison 

Ultimate WWE Tag Team Championship

London & Kendrick vs. Miz and Morrison

Two teams duke it out for the ultimate honor, my distinction as the greatest WWE Tag Team Champion of all-time.  The hold the longest and second longest championship reigns in the history of the belt.  Who's the best? I can only base it on who has the potential to have a lasting memory with WWE fans.  Seeing as how Miz and Morrison are still a tag team, London has been released and Kendrick is a singles competitor the decision has been made...

Winner and Champion: Miz and Morrison

Disagree?  Would love to hear your opinions.