Major Bowl Projections

Kevin TrahanAnalyst INovember 25, 2008

BCS Bowls

BCS National Championship: Florida vs. Oklahoma

Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC title game to get a shot at the National Title. Right now, Oklahoma is the best team in the country. I think, with a win in Stillwater, they'll have enough to represent the South in the Big 12 Championship game and go on to the national title.


Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State

The computer rankings will hurt Texas and they'll miss out on the Big 12 title game. An Oregon State loss will allow Ohio State to claim the final at large bid.


Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Utah

Many people claim that Utah will be the next Hawaii, but I have to disagree. Brian Johnson has led the Utes to a terrific season over some good opponents while Alabama has barely gotten by in a few close games. Then again, Alabama did this in the SEC while Utah was playing in the Mountain West.


Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC

Penn State already has this one locked up while USC, along with all of the Big 10 schools, will be cheering for Oregon this weekend. People have already written the Ducks off, but I think the boys from Eugene will have something to say about that come Saturday.


Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Cincinnati

This will be by far the worst BCS bowl game. It's a match-up of the best teams in the two worst major conferences (ACC and Big East). I think that Florida State will come out the winner in the unpredictable ACC while Cincinnati will prevail in the Big East.


Other January Bowls

Cotton Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss

Texas Tech is still a premier team and will put on a show at the Cotton Bowl after missing out on the BCS, just like Missouri did last year. Houston Nutt has taken Ole Miss a long way this year and look for the rebels to be an SEC player in years to come.


Capital One Bowl: Iowa vs. Georgia

I know Michigan State fans are going to kill me for this, but I believe Iowa will be taken first. While the Spartans boast a better record and a head-to-head win, Iowa has momentum, a strong traveling fan base, a star player in Shonn Greene (yes, he is better than Javon Ringer), and a marquee win against Penn State.

Click here to read an article that was published a few days ago and you will agree that it looks like the Capital One and Outback bowls are prepared to take Iowa over Michigan State. Also, preseason No. 1 Georgia hasn't quite lived up to enormous expectations, but they still have a great football team.


Gator Bowl: Missouri vs. Georgia Tech

Missouri has had a good year that has been overshadowed by the powerhouses in the Big 12 South. Meanwhile, Georgia Tech has played well in the ACC and is in good shape for a decent bowl game.


Outback Bowl: Michigan State vs. LSU

While many people have the Spartans ahead of Iowa in the bowl pecking order for the Big Ten, I think they will be leap-frogged by Iowa.

LSU has a decent team this year and could have been headed for the Capital One Bowl or even a BCS Bowl, but inconsistent (at best) quarterback play by Jarrett Lee has dropped the Tigers to the Outback Bowl. Still, it's not a bad consolation prize.