An Open Letter to Aaron Rodgers

Megan FowlerCorrespondent INovember 25, 2008

Nov. 25, 2008


Dear Mr. Rodgers,

You owe me $355.  That is what your three interceptions last night cost me. 

I’m not usually a betting woman; I don’t play the lottery, or go to the casino, or even play bingo. I only "gamble" when I’m sure I can win. 

Last night, I bet on you to cover the spread (five points) against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.  I didn’t even need you to win the game, just lose by less than six points. 

At the half, being down 24-21, I felt like we really had a chance. But then that interception in the third, and the game unraveled.  

I have never been so disappointed in a team in my life.

Not only did you lose, you pulled a Brett, throwing more interceptions than TD passes, pushing the team to a record under .500 again. 

The New Orleans Saints are not necessarily a better football team than the Packers, but they sure looked it last night. 

Interceptions don’t win football games. Neither does a run game that goes nowhere. Air the ball, be confident in your receivers and take some risks.  You sure can’t do worse than yesterday.

Play with pride. Even if you’re down, compete. You might not win, but at least you’ll look better losing than if you give up. 

Next time you’re the underdog, cover the spread. That’s all I’m asking. I’d love to see you guys in the playoffs and winning another Super Bowl, but for now I’ll work with picking Green Bay as an underdog and winning. 

About that money? Get the coach to sign the cheque. I have a feeling it should come from him anyways.