WWE Plays It Safe in Midst of an Economic Crisis

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

Over the past couple of weeks the economy has been hit hard, and while I myself know little about the economy, being only 16, I do understand that when times are hard you have to play the best card you have.

For the WWE, their best card is John Cena.

Recently, we have seen the WWE lay off some talent and as far as I know there are more releases on the way. Times are hard right now, and owning a company has to be a stressful job.

I looked it up this morning, and the WWE's stock is at $10.50 (as of writing). While they may be in an "Okay" position right now who knows what could happen tomorrow?

Here is an example. Midway Games, who ironically produced TNA’s video game, has had its stock fallen to $.34. To my knowledge the way things work on the stock market is that if your stock falls below the $1 mark, you will be endanger of being “delisted” if you cannot raise your stock in six months time.

Now you may be thinking that that’s not so bad. Wrong. Once your stock falls below the $1 mark, it is very difficult to rise above that mark again.

My point is that the WWE is considered a “small business,” and it is of the utmost importance that they maintain a strong number in the market.

The WWE seems to be pulling out all of the stops now. Three-hour Raws are becoming a common trend, and title changes are coming all too often in an effort to get people watching.

Last Sunday at Survivor Series, John Cena returned to his hometown of Boston to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho in what may be an another attempt by Vince McMahon to aid his company in this difficult time.

Regardless of my feeling toward Cena, there is no denying that the kids love him, and the younger viewers have proven to be Vince McMahon's strongest ally lately.

Now that the kids have their "hero" back, you may be thinking all will be well and good in the company. Well, that would be a huge misconception.

Nothing the WWE can do will save them if something truly devastating happens in the stock market.

Can you imagine what the wrestling world would be like without the WWE? Can you imagine the grin on Jeff Jarrett’s face? Can you imagine what you would be watching on Monday nights?

The WWE is making smart choices right now by having Cena return to his throne atop of the wrestling world. While some of us may not like Cena, we all love our wrestling and if having Cena as champion helps the WWE stay afloat, then I will be okay with him as champion for awhile.

So don’t expect seeing any major titles around Jeff Hardy’s waist for awhile. I just hope that the WWE and the rest of the United States will find safe waters again in this crisis that seems only to be worsening, but in the meantime the WWE will have to play it safe.