WWE Mark Henry: Why He Will Not Be Defeated Any Time Soon

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 21, 2011

Mark Henry won the World Heavyweight Title from Randy Orton at Night of Champions.

The match itself was a good one that featured back and forth action, displayed the best of both superstars, and did not leave either of them looking weak by the end of the match. Both of them were strong and showed why they deserved the title.

Mark Henry was on a tear for over half a year by ripping through opponents, injuring top superstars and most importantly showing the world what he should have been since the beginning of his career; a dominant force that no one wants to face. 

With the title firmly in his hands he has proclaimed that no one will ever take it from him and he has a great point in saying that. He has taken out many people and shown why he should be and is the Heavyweight Champion of the world. People and fans were saying he should not be champion, does not deserve it or would be boring in doing so.

Mark Henry has shown he is not boring at all, because wherever he goes he leaves wreckage and carnage. People always gets hurt and there is no one to do anything about it. When the fans sit back and say that this title reign won't last, that sometime soon someone will take the title from him, I begin to wonder if they know what they are talking about. 

Who can possibly take the title from Mark Henry?

He has gone through all the top superstars to get to the top. The list of his hall of pain includes Kane, The Big Show, Sheamus and most recently Randy Orton (excluding the soundguy.) He no longer has to prove anything to anyone because he has beaten them all.

The only reason why Christian is not on the list is because WWE has decided for him to feud with Sheamus right now. If that was not the case Christian would be on this list as well and with the way he has acted in recent months would not even get in to ring to face Mark Henry.

He is not the only one either because no one wants to get into the ring with Mark Henry with the amount of chaos he has caused. WWE has to give Randy Orton his rematch and that will happen at Hell In A Cell without a doubt. WWE right now may also decide to sell an injury angle with Randy Orton with the way the match ended at Night of Champions.

If that is the case that means Randy Orton already has a disadvantage. Maybe WWE does not do it but whatever they decide to do it does not look like Mark Henry is going to be a two week champion and drop the title to Randy Orton.

Looking ahead into the future, WWE's best option right now is to make the storyline where the question is who can take on Mark Henry and defeat him. Something like this could go on for months and it is PERFECT for WWE because this gives them the chance to have other superstars shine in the ring.

Superstars like Wade Barrett could walk down the ramp and claim that he wants to take down the best and get the spotlight he deserves. Anyone that WWE feels like they need to push has an easy answer to what could be a complicated problem, and that is have them face Mark Henry is a good bout.

With that type of system, WWE cannot lose because they are putting Mark Henry even more over along with the stars that face him. If a star comes in that WWE knows can be huge defeating Mark Henry is the way to make their statement. 

WWE has made a complicated problem that has plagued them for many years disappear by making Mark Henry the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. WWE has hit the goldmine by putting the title on Mark Henry and with the system they now have I do not see WWE taking the title off Mark Henry anytime soon. 

Congratulations to the World Strongest Man and WWE World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry. He deserves every bit of this and earned everything he has.

What does you think? Does Mark Henry deserve this title reign? Will he be a great champion and will he carry the company for the next months to come? Let me know know how I did and be sure to check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get!  

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