11/24/08 Raw: Thoughts

Vaen MakenshiContributor INovember 25, 2008

So the show kicks off with a silver car I was sure was John Cena repeating his fast and the furious intro from a year or so ago. But no it's Shane O Mac with a comedy tour enntrance like he's about to take the stage reminiscent of Eddy Murphy in the 1980's.

Am I the only one who still doesn't quite understand the balance of power, let alone what Shane and Stephanie do all day? I mean for me to understand tehir bickering better, I'd like to know what they generally do. Or flesh out some connection between the disappeearance of Vince.

Either way the animosity bewen them is starting to build nicely especially with Stephanie as the professional one and Shane as the trouble maker. I am curious to see what Stephanie will do. Hopefully she will not annoy teh crap out oo me like VVickie Geurerro. EXCUSE ME!!!!

Next up is Miz and MMorrison and HBK and Mysterio, I would like to know why Shawn and Rey are even patnered. Of course I liek teh new fresh pairing but...where and why did this happen? That would be like Triple H pairing  with Festus for the next few weeks.

Is it just me or is Morrison long over due for top contender spots? He has teh lok,  charisma, mic ability, ring ability to wow. But it seems hes being  held back with goofballl Miz.

I was so sure JBL was going to play off the Obama election and form a new "Cabinet" like he did with Orlando Jordan and allback on smackdown. That would be neat, I am a huge fan of JBL and his Elite American rants and constant macho bantering. I don't care what anyone says, the two rantt he did on Rey Mysterio and his culture and american immigration status were priceless. I'd love to see him run raw. The private security angle he had for a week  or two was nice.

Lillian has way too much fun announcing people..

Mr. Kennedy comes out and talks about his boring movie. I never like the first one.  And the pesident recollection skit was messed up. Theres only two peple that haveever talked as eoquently and decisively as Obama. 1. The Rock, 2. John Morrison. I looking at all these people nmeing names and i had a bigger wtf question mark over my head than a genome soldier from MGS.

What hhppened to Batista, I'm listening to him kiss John Cena's derriere. Ann ccut a weak promo on his match. What happened to angry POed Batista who waasn't that fr offf from Vladimir Kozlov. Angry determined and focused?

I don't really care abbout Pat Patterson...

Kofi Kingston....who is this mofo? Some geeky smily carribean SOB who keep shollering boom boom. He is largely boring despite his ring potential. i remember when he lost the IC title to Marella and was on raw teh next day still smiling talking boom boom boom...that's disturbing. Like stepford cuckoo disturbing.

Kane vs John Cena next week? Wtf? Why? How?

The triple threat match with batista jericho and orton was decent. I lik ehow randy stalks people...its creepy good. But it seems like batists is stuck in a jeff hardy rutt. Can't seem to get a break.

I love  listening to Santino rant. He's the greatest of al the time times! Even more surprising was teh retturn of Goldust which is far better than Black Reign. But it was old school nonon sense weird you out kind of Goldust. That is a good thing. I remember when he would creep the heck out of people like Savio Vega and Razor Ramon.

Did Beth Phoenix look like a DX Cheerleader groupie with so much makeup and black and green on...?

Wouldn't it be ggrat if Randy orton started his own stable?

I wish they would flesh out the story of Regal and Layla.

Snitky and CM Punk fthetourney here. And I got to ask: Who booked this match? Snitsky has zero purpose or story,  and CM punk is boring with no current storyline. This is crap, I have no idea why this match is taking place.

So now Mysterio is cutting a weak promo. His smackdown promos were largely interesting. He seems misplaaced on Raw. Anyways after sufferig through pale bald headed Snitsky, I now have to suffer through his twin hairy equally as bad and boring brother Mike Knox.

Who is Mike Knox? Why should I even care? I'd rather watch Kung Fu Naki do another a dance routine.  He was boringon ECW and he is boring now.  So far that is close to 15 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Beth Phoenix has a new logo...spiffy. Though i admit  I miss thsdistic Phoenix that spoke less and spent more time running through competition. Ayway Jillian Hall interrupts and it is amazing how annoying she can be. Funny watching Phoenix yell at Katie Lea dancing along.


Which totally ruined my surprise of Melina coming out next...but its good she is here again. Melina, Phoenix, and James are probably the best Divas wrestlers and mic workers going today. Candice is largely boring with no purpose. Jillian...is well...Jillian. Katie Lea was more interesting when she was picking on everyone like she was independently rogue.

I really like Melina's updated outfit and her agressiveness.

Slammy Awards are back...?

Okay the final segment is Cena and Jericho which was brilliant to me. Now personally ericho should have faced Batista and won at SS, setting up Cena for tonight exactly as it went down.

Cena goes ballistic and becomes the new bad guy under the premise of representing the fans and the disillusioned world of WWE as it is. With Jericho continuing to champion the true reality of things.

Maybe thats whishful thinking but it sure would be nice to see.