Relax, Bearcat Fans: Brian Kelly Will Be Here for Years to Come

Justin AnthonyCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

How did I come to this conclusion? First of all, he is going to a BCS bowl game barring a large catastrophe.

Second, he would be an idiot to leave. He has something few college coaches have: JOB SECURITY. The odds of Cincinnati firing him in the next 10 years are unthinkable, with low expectations and a University bending over backwards to get him a practice facility and planning stadium expansions that, if he stays long enough, will be named after him.

Also there is low media coverage. We all know how much coaches love dealing with the media. With the Bengals and Reds here, Brian talks to the media twice a week—after the game and his weekly press conference. In areas where college football is king, coaches are questioned after almost every practice.  For coaches this job is the holy grail of coaching jobs.

Why don't I see him leaving for a Tennessee or a Notre Dame? Sure, recruiting would be easier; sure, the facilities are nicer than most NFL franchises; and the Money is there; but with all this stuff come expectations of winning a national title, winning conference championships, beating rivals and pressure.  If I lose to Vandy or Navy, will I get fired?

For Brian Kelly, I think he likes the challenge of taking an non-traditional football school where they used to require you to buy season football tickets so you could get season basketball tickets and turning it into a respectable power, plus the low expectations by fans and the media and the low media coverage and the ability to win and go to major bowls in an easier conference than the SEC, Big 12, or Big Ten.

If you're an SEC or ACC team or Notre Dame looking at Brian Kelly, just look at what Rich Rod and Bobby Petrino have done since leaving the Big East.  Brian Kelly has become the it coach in the Big East like Rodriguez and  Petrino where before they left.  I believe that Brian Kelly will stay in Clifton and will build a strong and successful program, pushing the establishment for College football in Ohio just because he was born and bred in Michigan.