New England Patriots: Vince Wilfork Of Fire

Brad HinkleContributor ISeptember 20, 2011

New England Patriots: Vince Wilfork Of Fire

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    The highlight of Sunday night wasn't another big game by Cam Newton or Tom Brady, it wasn't the Steelers shutting out a stagnant Seahawk offense or the Bills onto their 2-0 march. It's not even the Chiefs who have allowed 40+ points in two games.

    Now, as far as football is concerned, the highlight of the night was a lone interception by Patriot defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork, who rumbled down the sideline with the grace of a boulder of ham and donuts.

    It's not every day a gigantic lineman intercepts a pass, and it's even rarer when one picks off superstar QB, Philip Rivers.

    Upon seeing replays this morning I simply could not help myself, watching that interception filled me with joy, it was just too funny.. So I decided to make it perfect.

The Interception as I Saw It

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    I can't help but cry with laughter.