WWE Raw: What Is Going to Happen Next After Awesome Truth's Firing?

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 20, 2011

On RAW Triple H promised that someone was going to bed fired. By the end of the show, two people got the pink slip.

Those two people were Awesome Truth's members The Miz and R-Truth. This is shocking to many fans to say the least, considering their sincere apology to Triple H that night. Triple H demanded that they would be sent to his office once they arrived to the arena. 

Once they got there they sounded like they meant the apology they gave to Triple H about interfering in the match and attacking the refs at Night of Champions. Triple H accepted it and fined them $250,000 each and put them in a match that would turn out to be the main event.

After the loss Triple H came out and told them they were fired and left for the back.

Stunned and enraged they raced to the back and assaulted him but got thrown out of the building, ending RAW.

No one knows exactly why they were fired or even if they deserved it, however it is more than certain that fans will be seeing them again soon. 

This is yet another unpredictable turn WWE has taken and another storyline that people are not sure where it can be going. If WWE is doing one thing right it is that they are keeping people interested in what is happening. 

As long as they maintain that, they know there will be people watching every week to see what happens next. With Awesome Truth gone, the tag team division has once again been limited to very few teams.

It appears that WWE is not at all concerned with that, as they have other plans. People may not like the firings because of the entertainment value they have brought every week. They are funny, have great matches and never fail to do something interesting. 

There will be a hell of a lot of theories, reasons and conspiracies coming from the fans and IWC all the way until next week. Nothing is certain and questions will be asked.

The only way to know the answers is by tuning into RAW next week. WWE has their fans in the palm of their hands and this is something I am completely fine with.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed and let me know your thoughts on the firings, what is next and how I did on this article! Check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get. 

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