WWE News: R-Truth and the Miz Wished Good Luck in Their Future Endeavors?

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 19, 2011

The New Outsiders?
The New Outsiders?

For those who missed Monday Night Raw tonight, The Awesome Truth was thrown out of the building and fired.

Triple H would not explain why he fired the men after they apologized "sincerely" for their actions against some horrible officiating.

Most likely, Triple H was annoyed that the two got themselves involved in the Night of Champions main event.

No matter what, this is the start of a possibly great storyline.

While CM Punk has been reinserted into the title picture, Triple H and The Awesome Truth are setting up for a big-time feud.

The biggest point of this feud is that the conspiracy is real!

Yes, for months, R-Truth and CM Punk have preached it. It was the whole focus of Truth's heel turn, and now the truth comes out.

We are getting ready for some huge chaos in the higher management as Truth and Miz will possibly be the catalysts of a rebellion that is larger than even CM Punk.

Shades of the beginning of the NWO are flashing up more and more as The Awesome Truth finds themselves as outsiders in the WWE. They need help to take down the conspiracy.

The facts are that the Miz and R-Truth cannot be fired. That is not the goal of this angle, but the focus on these two as outsiders. Men truly put down by the system could bring some bold, new attitude that we have lacked in the rest of the card (outside of CM Punk) as of late.

Are we about to see the creation of an NWO-like stable to fight the grand conspiracy? I don't know, but it looks more and more intriguing with each passing day.