WWE: Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara: Most Confusing Story Ever

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IISeptember 19, 2011

Which Sin Cara is this?
Which Sin Cara is this?

Tonight on Raw, we saw an attempt to further the feud between the original Sin Cara and the new and somewhat improved Sin Cara.

Except, the problem with this was, that nobody could tell who was who. 

There really is not one physical characteristic that makes one stand out from the other. It would take you months of studying the matches of Sin Cara to figure out which one is which. 

They got in the ring together again tonight, and the only thing that seemed to stand out between the two was the fact that one of them seemingly had bigger horns on the top of his mask and one was a few inches taller than the other.

After that? Your guess is as good as mine. And that's just the stuff I could pick out live on TV.  Imagine how the fans in Cleveland, Ohio felt when they realized that two Sin Cara's were going to attempt to duke it out to prove who was real and who was fake. 

Problem with that is, there isn't much of a difference between either one to signal who's who. One is taller, clearly, but when you can't see the face of the competitor, it doesn't matter who's taller because it's irrelevant to begin with. 

Both have the exact same move set (basically huricanranas left and right), but they react identically to how moves are being done to them. Each rope move, each huricanrana, they both react the same by getting up immediately and attempting to one up the other one on their next move. 

Now the only question is: How can they make this believable? Honestly, it's going to be very, very hard. One way to be able to tell during the actual impending match will be who exhibits more heel tactics. Actually, that could probably be thrown out the window considering how angry each competitor is at one another trying to prove to the fans they are the legitimate Sin Cara. 

Can this feud work? Maybe. But it needs some major fine tuning. Because right now, it is worse than if the Bella twins tried fighting against each other. This storyline is too confusing as of right now to be effective.