Super Bowl XLII: What We Thought, What We Learned, and How We Feel About It

Matt MarcheskyCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2008

As a 25-year old football fan, I haven’t been around for many big games.

Last night's battle between the Giants and Patriots was the best one I’ve ever seen. It was a war, the way it should be.

Perhaps what impressed me most about the game was the fact that after it was over, I wasn’t pissed at the refs for making bad calls, or the coaches for making poor play calls (although Belicheck electing not to kick the field goal was dumb).

Near the end of the game, when I was standing up in my living room, pacing back and forth with excitement, my cousin, who does not watch any football, said “this is more like a soap opera than a football game,” and he was right.

It’s like when you watch a television series, and halfway through season one, a good character does something that completely changes your mind about them, and you end up hating that person, and wanting them to die.

That’s how I felt about the Patriots last night.

Let me interject here to add that I had 200 dollars on the Patriots. And not only did I take them -12, I got crazy about it, and took a prop that had them at -21.5.

By the end of the third quarter, I was willing to take the financial hit to see the Giants pull it off.

I was not let down, because the fourth quarter that I witnessed, in what I thought had already been a great football game, was the best period of play I’ve seen in any sport during my short life.

I will always remember how I felt when David Tyree made the catch of the century and my cousin and I, who care nothing about the Giants or the Patriots, hugged each other for having seen it together.

When Plaxico Burress sealed the deal, burning Ellis Hobbs to make the winning catch in the endzone, all I could do was bow my head and smile.

This was a game that movies are made about. Then again, movies are fake, and this was as real as it gets.

Congratulations to the Giants, and thanks for reminding us what this game is really all about.