What Fish to Catch in the Canadian Rockies

Jess KContributor IIISeptember 19, 2011

Trout, as we all know, rarely live in ugly places. The three main species in the Canadian Rockies are most definitely in the prime real estate of our planet.

The bull, Brown and Cutthroats share pristine waters with other species such as brooks and rainbows too. Brook trout are not native to the Rockies but they swim there in good numbers and make for excellent fishing game as well as dinner, supper or breakfast.

The rocky mountain whitefish enjoy terrestrial snacks as well as bottom dwelling crustaceans and of course, our imitations. They have large scales, small toothless mouths and no spots, but should never be mistaken for grayling.

Rainbow trout are abundant throughout the waters in the Rockies and can be coaxed out of the many deep mountain lakes, rivers and streams with the usual trout lures of flies, spoons, spinners, hard and softbaits.

Bait fishing is not always permitted in the Rockies so check the fishing regulations for the area you fish. It should also be noted that lead should be kept safely inside your fishing tackle boxes.

Laws forbidding anglers to use lead were put there to protect the myriad of bird species that frequent the diverse waters of the Rockies. Safer weight alternatives can be found at local tackle dealers.

Many of these include steel, special putty and tin that do not poison birds that mistake fouled or lost weights for food.

Due to the ease by which they are caught by bears, birds and anglers, the (spawning) Dolly varden, better known as bull trout, are not allowed to be kept as food or trophies.

However, if you should find yourself catching a few, shooting fishing videos or photographs can capture those memories instead.