RAW Recap 11/24/08 Or Back To Basics

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

The first show of the new "season" of WWE wraps up and it's time to see if there will be any differences this time around.

The show opens up with Shane driving into the arena.  I really liked the tracking shot they did with it as it created a sense of urgency.  It was funny to see Shane give Ziggler his coat as he walked by.

Surprisingly enough, this talking segment between Shane and Stephanie didn't bother me like most talking segments.  Probably because it wasn't as long as most of them and a match started right after in the same segment.

I am a little bothered that they're going with the same sibling rivalry story between the two of them.  Especially since there wasn't much build up for it.  It just came abruptly.

The first match of the evening sees The Miz and John Morrison versus Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio in a rematch from last week.  As good as this match was last week, they shouldn't have done a rematch or at least not this quickly.

The match was more or less the same as last week.  Good spots and nice pacing, which sadly made it boring because we just saw this match.

The end sees Rey hitting a sunset flip power bomb for the win.  I didn't understand the point of having Miz and Morrison job.  Why push these guys as the best tag team in the company and have them lose big matches or take away big wins from them?

After the match, Morrison relentlessly attacks Shawn.  JBL comes to the ring and it was blatantly obvious that he was going to attack Morrison.  The WWE is getting too predictable.

Backstage, JBL tells Todd Grisham that he made a deal with Shawn and leaves it at that.  Sounds like another convoluted story is about to begin.

Mr. Kennedy makes his return to promote his new movie and run a strange and pointless video about Barak Obama.  This segment really could have been cut out.

The first match in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament is next seeing Kofi Kingston versus Kane.  This match was decent at best. 

Kofi was all over the place like you'd expect him to be.  There really wasn't anything special about this match.  Kane gets himself disqualified by not breaking a hold.

Kane continues to attack and Stephanie comes out and shows why she shouldn't be allowed to talk.  She gave Kane two choices.  Beat up Kofi or fight John Cena next week on RAW.  How does anything she just said make sense?  Kane already beat up Kofi and the match next week is non title.  This was the most pointless thing of the night.

Also, after looking at the bracket, I'm very disappointed that Jamie Noble isn't involved in this.  The WWE just completely dropped the story between these two, which is terrible because this was the best feud they had on RAW.

Chris Jericho versus Batista versus Randy Orton for the number one contendership is next.  I don't understand why Jericho doesn't automatically get a rematch clause.  He just lost the title to someone who didn't earn a title match.  Jericho should be given a rematch.

This match was the typical triple threat with one person out so the other two could work.  They did have some good pin breaks and reversals but other than that, not exciting.

Jericho gets the win after Batista spears Orton and Jericho gets the cover.  Now that Jericho won the match, this number one contender thing really didn't make sense.  If the plan was for Jericho to get his rematch anyway, why waste time on air for something like this?  Couldn't they have given someone else the TV time?

Santino Marella versus Goldust is next.  This match was actually longer than I thought it was going to be.  I personally think that Goldust's time in the ring is over and he shouldn't have been resigned as an active wrestler and the fact that he beat Santino bothers me.

Santino has been jobbing out and generally being disrespected as a character recently.  He's nothing but a comedy gimmick and the fans don't take him serious.  I could see the point of this if he was a publicity face that went on talk shows all the time to promote the product, but he doesn't.

Backstage, Orton walks past Priceless and they stare each other down before Orton walks away.  The way this story has been going, I'm surprised Orton didn't beat them up.  This whole Priceless thing is getting old and Priceless looks incredibly weak.  I don't understand how anyone can take them as a legitimate threat anymore.

The next match in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament sees C.M. Punk fight Snitsky.  William Regal came to ring side to watch the match which indicates that C.M. Punk will win the whole thing and fight Regal.

As much as I want to see this feud, I really want the Regal/Noble feud to continue.  Those two had the ability to perform the best matches of the year and they were never given the chance.

Punk gets the win with the Go To Sleep, which I found kind of funny.  The last time Punk used the Go To Sleep on Snitsky, he broke his nose.

Rey Mysterio is backstage talking about being in the tournament when Mike Knox shows up and stares him down.  I'm getting really tired of the new big guy showing up on a show and attacking all the smaller wrestlers.  It doesn't give Knox and credibility and it makes who ever he goes through look bad.

Beth Phoenix, Jillian, and Katie Lea versus Mickie James, Candice, and the returning Melina is next.  The blown spot with the titantron revealing Melina's name early was really funny and the fact that Jerry Lawler just called it out was hilarious.

This match was designed to showcase Melina and it worked very well.  She looked good and doesn't seem like she lost a step.  Not saying that she was one of the best wrestlers in the locker room but definitely better than Candice because she didn't get worse with an injury.

Melina gets the pin on Jillian after a split leg bulldog pin.  It was also great to see Milena Roucka as a plant in the audience.  The fact that she was holding up a "Glamazon in Training" sign says that it's going to be awhile before she gets in the ring as they need to build the story.

Hopefully, the WWE will pull the trigger faster with this than TNA and Rain.  Rain was planted in the audience for almost three months before she got together with Robert Roode.  If Roucka is in the audience that long, than this story is pointless.

Jericho comes out and talks smack about John Cena.  Cena is seen in the hallway with a bunch of kids as he responds.  It really seemed weird to have Cena surround by kids, but I guess they would be his loudest fans.

Cena comes down and does the typical wrestling rebuttal.  Jericho calls him a coward and Cena beats the hell out of him.  The style of attack that Cena did was that of a heel but the fans ate it up.  I thought this was very strange and seems like creative is telling Cena to do whatever because they can't seem to keep the fans on one side.

Overall, a decent show.  No single match that came off as amazing but also nothing too terrible.  The return of Kennedy and Melina with the introduction of Roucka makes this RAW slightly different from others.  But I'm getting tired of waiting for Gail Kim to make her return.  John Cena only coming out once was a good idea.  My rating: C+