NFL Profile No. 2: Chicago Bears

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 24, 2008

I find it very fitting that the picture features a game between the Bears and Broncos—in my opinion, the two hardest teams to figure out this year.  If I continue doing these NFL Profiles, the Broncos will be featured soon.

But now onto the Bears and their inconsistency. 

In week one, Da Bears pulled off a shocker by beating the Colts, two years removed from a Super Bowl ring, 29-13.

Then, in week two, the Bears followed up their performance by losing to the upstart Carolina Panthers, who had just shocked the Chargers a week before.

In week three, the Bears lost in OT to another NFC South opponent, the Bucs, as Forte rushed for the least amount of yards in his young career.

At 1-2, the Bears pulled off another upset, beating  a Philadelphia Eagles team that was 2-1 fresh off an impressive win against the Steelers, as Matt Forte continued his decline with just 43 yards on the ground, and Kyle Orton threw for under 200.

Despite crushing the Lions the next week, Forte rushed for only 36 yards, the fourth time in four opportunities in his career to have less yards rushing than the game before.

Then, after losing to the Falcons and beating the Vikings in a shoot-out featuring 89 points, the Bears struggled to beat the win-less Lions at home, winning just 27-23.

As Rex Grossman took over for the injured Kyle Orton, the Bears lost by only seven to the undefeated Titans. But then, in Orton's return the next week, the Bears were slaughtered by division rivals Green Bay Packers.

My point is that the Bears, who are currently 6-5 sitting atop the NFC North, are unbelievably hard to figure out.  Only once this season have they had back-to-back wins, yet they are still above .500.

Statistically, the Bears can boast a bit, but shouldn't be bragging.  Their offense has improved from recent years past, largely in part to the rookie RB from Tulane, Matt Forte.  Da Bears rank 10th in points scored, and 11th in rushing yards.

Defensively, they are pretty strong, excluding their horrid pass D.  The Bears are a top five rush D, and rank in the top half of the league in points and yards allowed.

With a rather formidable schedule, the Bears should be playoff-bound.