WWE: Night of Champions Recap: John Cena Def. Alberto Del Rio, Thank God

Nathan Giese@@gieseflysouthSenior Analyst IISeptember 19, 2011

Who didn't see this coming?
Who didn't see this coming?

Going into Night of Champions, many of us thought that Alberto Del Rio would walk away with his WWE championship by the end of the night.  Most thought he would use underhanded tactics to further the feud going into Hell in a Cell and the WWE's upcoming tour in Mexico.

We were wrong.  And I couldn't be happier.

Just to clarify, I am a fan of John Cena's. I'm not a big fan of Del Rio, but I am not solely a Del Rio hater.  We good? OK. 

Over the past year since Del Rio has entered the company, he has accomplished some great things.  He won the biggest Royal Rumble in WWE history, he won Raw's Money in the Bank ladder match, he's taken out the likes of Rey Mysterio (twice) and Christian for extended periods of time and now can add Former WWE Champion to his already impressive resume. 

While those are all nice accomplishments, there is one glaring omission from that list that is of vital importance in order to make it in the WWE.

We, the fans, just don't care.  At first, it was interesting to see this rich, Mexican aristocrat running amok over on Smackdown, taking out any and everybody that got in his way.  His fierce attitude and aggressive style put everybody on notice that at some point in the future, Alberto Del Rio was going to be the real thing. 

Sadly, nothing culminated from it. His character has become so stale that some fans are calling for a complete overhaul, even though they've only seen it for a year.  It took those same fans at least four years to get sick of John Cena's character and that was only because he wins too often. 

As new and fresh as his character seemed when he first appeared on screen, in reality he's just a cheap imitation/combination of JBL and Eddie Guerrero rolled into one.  That's not only a cop out on creative's part, it's also disappointing that they are trying to recreate two of the best stars of this generation. 

His ring announcer, although some people will disagree, is just as annoying as he is.  Every time I see him about to speak, I immediately hit mute on my remote so I don't have to sit through three minute introductions.

Fans just don't seem to care about Del Rio and he hasn't given them much reason to think twice.  It's already a very heel move to cash in your Money in the Bank briefcase on a wounded man, but the fact that he did it to the fans' new love interest, CM Punk, people should have started to hate him more and more. 

Again, nothing came to be.  Then he got on John Cena's bad side.  Maybe this is his way of becoming something big?  Nope.  Wrong again, he ran and hid from him for a month, even resorting to sending Ricardo Rodriguez after him.  That is the sign of a poor, sad excuse of a champion.  This is the same guy that could barely beat a very wounded and almost crippled Big Show, and we're suppose to believe that he can beat Cena in a match cleanly?  I don't think so.

Until Del Rio does something worth noting, he shouldn't be placed in the title picture for extended periods of time.  Cena's win last night just signifies that creative agrees with me because if they thought he could be a credible champion, why would they take the strap off of him after only a month and have him lose it cleanly, no less?

I rest my case.