Montreal Gets "Byrned" by the Islanders in a Stunning Upset!

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008


On November 1st 2008, the New York Islanders faced off against the Montreal Canadiens home at the Coliseum, and If you've read my articles you'll know just how furious I was at that loss. The Islanders had a three goal lead in the third period, and with 20 minutes away from pulling off a huge upset over the favorited Habs, they managed to squander the lead. They turned what would have been a great confidence boosting win into a horrid loss.

Well on November 24th the Islanders got a rematch against the Canadiens with a chance to finish what they had started back on the Island.

The Habs dominated the game for the most part, but two powerplay goals by Richard Park and Trent Hunter kept the Islanders in the game.

Still trailing 3-2 with a few minutes left in the third, the Islanders committed yet another penalty, causing the Habs' goaltender Price to leave his net.

NHL Sophmore O'Byrne controlled the puck under the pressure of Islander Sean Bergenhein, and flicked it toward his own net to keep it away from the defender.

The puck sailed right into his own empty net, tying the game up in one of the biggest fluke goals I've ever seen.

It's unknown if O'Byrne was trying to throw the puck behind the net, or if he didn't know his goalie left the net, however the youngster was just as shocked and stunned as rowdy Montreal fans.

This thrilled me as an Islander fan, as we FINALLY had some luck bounce our way.

But the game wasn't over yet, as the Canadiens now had a powerplay with a little less than three minutes to go.

Despite the pressure, Joey MacDonald flashed his pads and kept the game tied.

With a few ticks left on the clock, the Isles almost scored when Josh Bailey passed to Campoli who failed to put it past Price, despite being in the goal mouth.

The game carried into overtime with no score, leading to a shootout.

Trent Hunter was first and missed, but Richard Park and Captain Bill Guerin each scored, lifting the Islanders to their second win in a row, stealing back the victory that was stolen from them earlier this month.

After the Brutal Loss, the Montreal loyal unleashed a fury of boos, all chanting "O'BYRNE" over and over to humiliate the player who cost them the game.

Watch out NHL, the New York Islanders are climbing up the standings.