Dirk Kuyt: Liverpool's Non-Flamboyant Hero

halvar dilContributor INovember 24, 2008

Liverpool sits comfortably at second place of the premier league table. This is only due to a goal difference, otherwise they would be ahead of the current leaders from Samford Bridge. A lot of the Reds points have come from winning close games, especially by scoring late and pretty much 'stealing' a victory.

With Torres out for most of the season their main contributor has been the selfless Dutchman: Dirk Kuyt. The Dutch International plays a very unselfish type of soccer that is hard to find these days.

He is officially a forward but it is not uncommon to see him battling as a defender. Kuyt runs the wings very well and distributes the ball from there.

Dirk Kuyt has been extremely underrated throughout his career both for the Dutch team and for Liverpool. Yes they love him now, but he had to prove himself over and over again, because he is not a magician with the ball.

Kuyt is one of the hardest workers you will find on a soccer pitch and will give his all every day of the week. Whether it's practice, matches or preparation, his skills come from hard work not talent.

Then how come he is never mentioned as one of the top players of the game? That answer is easy, it is because he is unselfish, not flashy, and modest.

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo get the attention, which of course is fair. I mean he is one of the greatest players, especially at the moment. However, his contribution to Manchester is very comparable to Kuyt's contribution to Liverpool.

The main difference is, Ronaldo scores more goals for MANU, taking more shots in the process. But that doesn't seem to concern anyone. In addition, Ronaldo has a cocky swagger about him that makes people notice him.

Whereas Kuyt just goes about his business and does what he needs to do and is modest about it. I know Kuyt doesn’t try to score off a bicycle kick or dribble past three defenders like Cristiano does, but isn't the end result what really matters? And isn't the main end result how much they contribute to the odds of their respective teams winning?