Brett Favre Does Much More Than Manage a Game: He Wins the Game!

NC NighthawkAnalyst INovember 24, 2008

Who would ever thought that Brett Favre would be such a great fit with the New York Jets?

He has already exceeded expectations because Favre does much more than manage a game and his team: he wins games for the Jets.

In contrast, Kerry Collins is asked to manage the Tennessee Titans offense, not win the game for the team. We witnessed that stark contrast of quarterback styles and leadership in this game.

There comes a point in a championship season in which managing won’t cut it and the Titans may have reached it Sunday, when the difference between managing and winning was apparent. Favre will make mistakes; he’s famous for making mistakes. He also improvises and makes the plays necessary to help his team, make that lead his team, in winning a game.

When Favre sliced up the Titans’ defense and the running game was stopped Sunday, the burden again fell on Collins and his receivers to go beyond game management. They couldn’t execute the plays needed to win the game. Have the Titans reached a threshold? Can their management plan work against other playoff-caliber teams?

Of course, Favre has had a Hall of Fame career, Collins is looking to salvage his career. The Titans looked to Vince Young to win, but not just manage games, and he did not deliver due to an injury and other issues.

The Titans’ decisions, sooner or later, involve what to do about their quarterback. Do they choose a manager or a playmaker? Oddly, at 10-1, but the Titans have arrived at a pivotal point in their season.

We have doubts about Tennessee reaching the Super Bowl. We may start about thinking about an all New York Super Bowl between the Giants and Jets. The Colts are finding ways to win consistently now, so we can't rule out a Peyton-Eli Super Bowl either. The NFL is so intriguing and fun!

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