WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: What We Learned from John Cena's Win

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIISeptember 19, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: What We Learned from John Cena's Win

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    Night of Champions 2011 had a triple main event and the WWE Championship match was one.

    Admittedly, it was the least exciting main event and seemed lost in the shuffle between the World Heavyweight Championship match and Triple H vs. CM Punk.

    Nevertheless, there are still a few points we can pick up from John Cena’s win tonight.

    I have highlighted seven things one can learn from the outcome of this match.


Cena Is Unstoppable

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    I have never been a huge Cena fan. This is mainly due to his tendency to win almost every match he is shoved in.

    Using the “five moves of doom,” Cena has earned the moniker “SuperCena”. In my preview article of this match, I put a poll asking who would win the WWE Championship.

    The results came up 60/40 in favour of Del Rio.

    Even when people think Cena is going to lose he wins! Even Orton lost tonight—cleanly as well.

    Maybe Cena should take on Mark Henry. Then we really will see who is unstoppable.

Del Rio Wasn’t Working as Champion

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    If Del Rio was the greatest champion since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or Harley Race, then I refuse to believe they would have allowed Cena to win the match and take the title from him.

    One thing we can learn from Del Rio’s one month long reign is that he is not ready to be a top champion in the business.

    He needs more development and more time to get over with the crowd before he even thinks about holding onto the belt for an extended period of time.

    The crowd were not into him as champion and neither was I.

    I had to put aside my usual tendencies and support Cena in his fight tonight.

Tension Is Being Built for WrestleMania XXVIII

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    Complaints about short reigns are well-founded yet I can’t help but think Cena’s short reigns are brilliant for building the tension for his impending clash with The Rock.

    Cena keeps losing the title and has to regain it so he can keep his promise to The Rock.

    Hopefully this win/loss ratio can carry on right up until the event and he’ll have to reclaim it for the umpteenth time on Raw before WrestleMania or something along those lines.

    Don’t be hasty in your judgement of these tiny reigns.

Del Rio Can Hack It at the Main Event

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    Del Rio showed me last night that although he is not ready to be champion, he is more than ready to main event.

    Though that does not make much sense, I believe he held himself really well in the main event and found myself believing that he might actually retain the title at times.

    At least he should stay as one of the main attractions of the roster while he is still being worked on as a character.

    Losing will give him a bigger chance to be a heel and give him an excuse to actually have a proper feud with Cena.

Ricardo Rodriguez Is No Help Whatsoever

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    The guy got sent to the back after blatantly tripping John Cena up during the WWE Championship bout.

    No help there.

    Then he came out to assist Del Rio and ended up kissing the steel ring post.

    No help there.

    Del Rio lost his championship.

    No help there.

    See the pattern?

    Del Rio should just get rid for the good of his own character.

WWE Creative Still Doesn’t Understand the Importance of Long Reigns

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    The argument that long reigns are better than short ones can be debated as shown in the previous slide.

    We can learn from last night though that WWE creative does not understand the importance of long reigns with a WWE Championship.

    Despite me supporting the other side of the story, it could be argued that John Cena is now a 10-time champion and that is way too much, devaluing the title and making his record ridiculous.

    There was a time when champions would hold onto the belt for years or at least the best part of eight months but times have changed and seeing a long reign like that can actually be detrimental to the business when thinking about the demographics.

    We can only hope Cena does not lose his belt now until Elimination Chamber or WrestleMania XXVIII.  

WWE Creative Are Still Surprising People

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    As I said in my first slide, the odds were against Cena tonight in the dirt sheets as fans who now know too much assumed Del Rio would retain due to the upcoming tour of Mexico.

    Creative must have assumed this and worked against the predictable, giving John Cena the title and leaving Del Rio two weeks to regain before they head across the border to his home country.

    Many reacted to Cena’s win by complaining about how predictable it was...but you all thought Del Rio would win.

    This makes an unpredictable predictable ending to the WWE Championship match—one that I very much enjoyed I must say.