WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: 13 Things We Learned

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results: 13 Things We Learned

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    WWE Night of Champions concluded only minutes ago, and like many of the recent WWE pay-per-views, it left us with more questions than answers.

    Overall, I enjoyed the pay-per-view, mostly due to there not being many bad booking decisions, in my opinion. 

    I also found not many matches disappointed in quality, and I was actually quite surprised with some matches.

    These are the 13 things we learned from Night of Champions.

"You Suck" Is the Official Theme Song of the Awesome Truth

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    This past week on RAW and SmackDown, R-Truth and The Miz entered the ring, singing their "remix" of Truth's song, in which they repeatedly tell the crowd that they suck.

    I found it hilarious, and I'm glad to see they performed it at Night of Champions. It's safe to assume we will hear more of this song, and possibly some new lyrics.

    The Awesome Truth continues to be the most entertaining act in all of the WWE.

The Conspiracy Is Real

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    While I was hoping the Awesome Truth would win the tag team championships, I wasn't disappointed with the way the match played out.

    We learned the conspiracy was real at Night of Champions, as the referee failed to see Evan Bourne fake a tag and then didn't see the tag from The Miz.

    To top it all off, the referee was distracted as The Miz had Evan Bourne for the pin. The Awesome Truth then assaulted the referee.

    Needless to say, we aren't done with the conspiracy, and the Awesome Truth aren't finished with AirBoom.

Christian Deserves One More Match

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    Despite not being booked for a match, Christian still appeared at Night of Champions, cutting a promo in the ring.

    He led the Buffalo crowd in chanting for "one more match," before Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus agreed with Christian, before Brogue kicking him.

    It provided a good build towards the inevitable Sheamus vs. Christian match, possibly at Hell in a Cell. 

    Regardless of his recent booking, Christian is still entertaining, and when he is done with Sheamus, he deserves one more match.

Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler Still Don't Like Each Other

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    The fatal-four-way match at Night of Champions was an entertaining encounter; all four wrestlers worked a great match, despite the lack of real story.

    The only story out of this match is the "managerial triangle" of Vicki Guererro, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

    Swagger had Morrison beaten, only for Ziggler to push him out of the way and steal the victory. 

    Vicki Guerrero later said backstage that all the WWE superstars want her managerial services. Don't expect the Ziggler vs. Swagger feud to be over just yet.

Mark Henry Has Achieved His Potential

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    Six months ago, Mark Henry was the face jobber on RAW. Tonight at Night of Champions, he became the World Heavyweight Champion. Think about that.

    Mark Henry really did prove all of his haters wrong and has come full circle as a wrestler. His 15-year career has culminated in his first world championship.

    Not only that, but Mark Henry is indisputably the greatest dominant heel in years, if not one of the best ever. He has the physical look and excels at menacing promos.

    The WWE has finally cashed in on the brilliance of Mark Henry as a heel. Hopefully he has a long run to establish himself as a dominant champion.

Randy Orton Will Take a Clean Loss If It Makes Sense

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    Randy Orton (and John Cena for that matter) have been criticised for rarely losing clean.

    I knew going into Night of Champions that if Mark Henry were to win the match, it would have to be clean. He is an incredibly dominant heel, and it makes no sense to not have him win in such a way.

    I was concerned whether or not Vince and the WWE would have one of their golden boys lose cleanly.

    For the good of the business, the WWE and the SmackDown main event scene, Mark Henry needed the win at NOC. If not, his dominant rise would have stalled.

    Much respect to Randy Orton for also working a great match with Henry. It was pretty good for a Mark Henry match—I'm looking forward to the future of SmackDown.

The Divas Divison Is Far from Dead

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    Yes, Beth Phoenix lost tonight, however, I was incredibly impressed with what I thought would surely be my bathroom break. 

    Kelly Kelly seems to be improving as an in-ring competitor, and with an excellent worker like Phoenix, she can only get better.

    At NOC, the women worked a great match, a surprise to me. I saw the first superplex I've ever seen in a women's match, probably since the Trish Stratus days.

    I'm hopeful for the future of the Diva's division. Hopefully the heel divas (Phoenix or Neidhart) can win the championship soon and have Kelly Kelly chasing the title.

John Cena Isn't Afraid to Steal a Ferrari

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    In a mildly entertaining twist to the WWE Championship match entrances, Alberto Del Rio was forced to walk to the ring after he misplaced his keys.

    I was wondering why the champion had entered before the challenger. Enter John Cena, who drove Del Rio's Ferrari to the entrance.

    It was a fun way to start the match, which proved aggravating. More on that later...

John Cena Destroyed Del Rio's Destiny for His 10th WWE Championship

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    The WWE Championship match was great. Both Cena and Del Rio pulled out some fresh moves. The crowd played their part, too, with some especially loud "Let's go Cena/ Cena Sucks" chants.

    My problem is the booking. It was the only booking decision of the night I really hated. 

    Alberto Del Rio has been building his destiny for nine months. When he finally achieves it, it should last for a long time. Del Rio should have held the WWE Championship, at minimum, until Vengeance.

    However, the WWE decided that John Cena needed his 10th WWE Championship (12th world). The build of this feud was weak, in my opinion, and I don't think John Cena was the right way to go. I would have preferred a cheap win from Alberto. 

    I will give Cena's run a chance. Perhaps the idea is to carry it into the WrestleMania 28 buildup, so that the possibility of the main event being for the championship becomes real.

Triple H Can Still Produce Top Main Event Matches

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    Triple H is an invaluable asset to the WWE. He returned to TV two months ago, and tonight at Night of Champions, performed terrifically. 

    Probably due to the lack of big-time entrances in this era of wrestling, Triple H brings a main-event aura to every match he is in.

    His entrance alone was enough to legitimise the match in my eyes.

    The match itself was awesome. It was a great mix of in-ring technical wrestling and the arena brawling that Triple H is so good at. That diving elbow from the top rope from CM Punk was epic.

    Make no mistake, Triple H can still go.

The Miz and R-Truth Are Still Main-Event Stars

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    The Most shocking moment of NOC was when the Awesome Truth interfered in the main event to attack both CM Punk and Triple H.

    They pulled Punk onto Triple H for the win; however, The Game kicked out.

    They appear to be assisting Laurinaitis; however, they still have main-event presence. They are reviving the tag team division, while being incredibly entertaining, while still being involved in the main event. They're awesome.

    I also popped big when Scott Armstrong laid out The Miz. 

Neither Kevin Nash nor John Laurinaitis Want Triple H as COO

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    It had been building for weeks, and it came full circle tonight at Night of Champions. The tension between Triple H, Laurinaitis and Nash boiled over in the main event, as they attempted to cost Triple H the match.

    Laurinaitis distracted the referee as Triple H pedigree'd CM Punk, but then threw him in the ring after a CM Punk GTS.

    Many would call the ending to the main event as overbooked, and maybe it was. But it was a great overbooking.

    Personally, I didn't mind who won; however, I would have hated to see Kevin Nash cost either of them the match. I popped for Triple H's sledgehammer shot on Kevin Nash, and all of the near-falls throughout the conclusion of the match.

The WWE Left Us with More Questions Than Answers (Again)

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    The WWE are on a hot streak of great pay-per-view endings. Tonight we were left with more questions than answers.

    While we can speculate and sort of figure out the easy parts of the story that they made obvious, there are still many questions I want answered on RAW.

    I assume this is the the turning point for this huge feud. The lines will finally be divided between Triple H and Laurinaitis/Nash/Awesome Truth.

    From this point we could see Laurinaitis bring back Mr. McMahon. More importantly, what side is CM Punk on? Assuming he agrees with anyone (which he probably doesn't if his ice-cream bar t-shirt is anything to go by).

    Another fantastic ending from the WWE which left me excited to see RAW. I was happy regardless just to see Triple H wrestling again; however, the twists and turns at the conclusion of the match really made the match.

    As I said before, I found this pay-per-view thoroughly entertaining. I didn't have incredibly high hopes going in, as I felt many matches were left off the card due to the NOC gimmick. Also, I knew that one or two bad booking decisions could ruin the whole event for me.

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