WWE: CM Punk and the 10 Men More Deserving of a World Title Reign Than John Cena

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WWE: CM Punk and the 10 Men More Deserving of a World Title Reign Than John Cena
Back when this was a new and fresh idea

I was sure that Alberto Del Rio was making it through the month as champion. I thought WWE had the sense to let Del Rio go to the Mexico tour as champion. It also did not make sense to me to give John Cena his third WWE Championship this year

No one is good enough that they deserve that many title reigns that quickly. Absolutely no one.

Cena has become one of the most decorated champions in WWE's history, and he did not need it.

Maybe it was expected as early as the video promo when Cena came off as the hero saving the WWE from the man who "is not a champion." The touching music was not only a bit overdone, it was downright wrong. John Cena is not a hero come to save us. He is the force that controls all of WWE.

Now that Cena is champion, John Cena inches ever closer to Ric Flair's amazing 16-time world championship career. At the age of 34, he has at least five years left in tank, probably even more, and he is a 12-time World Champion.

This means one of two things. Either WWE will make him a 20-time world champion, and his record will be untouchable until the end of time. Or we are getting ready for John Cena to finally step down and let the young stars get a chance.

Seriously, Mark Henry just finally won his first World Title ever! It is time for John Cena to let himself compete without the WWE Title around his waist.

There are so many other men who are not champions in the WWE who deserved at least a chance in the spotlight Let's look at the top 10 men who should be in John Cena's shoes now regardless of brand. Each of these men deserves this shot more than Cena for the 10th time.

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