WWE Night of Champions 2011: What We Learned from WWE Tonight

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 18, 2011

There are a couple of things learned tonight on Night of Champions and they are things I have been preaching for the past couple of weeks.

The first thing the fans have learned is John Cena's "Super Cena" persona is back and here to stay.

All the build for Alberto Del Rio that WWE has done for him vanished right before the fans eyes at the PPV. Some people are saying that it should have been expected with the way WWE treated Alberto Del Rio for the last weeks heading into the PPV.

Alberto Del Rio accomplished nothing going into the PPV and was shown as a weak, unprepared, crumbling and abandoned character. He even came out to having his car stolen; that was metaphor for the type of match he had.

It was a typical Super Cena match that fans have grown to see for many PPV's. Alberto Del Rio was beating up John Cena for a good chuck of it before John Cena mounted a big comeback to make Alberto Del Rio tap out. It appears WWE does not know how to keep the title off of Cena nor do they plan to in the future. 

I, as a fan, shook at my head at the end of the match because I could not believe that John Cena has remained the same. Alberto De Rio has plenty going for him after SummerSlam and just like John Cena and his opponents in the past, he builds them up only to strip them all they had in the end.

Alberto Del Rio does have a rematch clause and a PPV in two weeks time but WWE seems to be telling the fans that the only person they ever want holding the title is John Cena.

Thanks for WWE for going back to same old.

The other thing fans have learned tonight is something I stated weeks ago, in saying Kelly Kelly is the female version of John Cena.

The match with Beth Phoenix had it written all over it.

It was Beth Phoenix's hometown, clearly the better wrestler had the crowd behind her, and overall clear as day that she should be given the title.

WWE instead to opt what they did at SummerSlam; have Beth Job to Kelly Kelly.

Beth had one move in the match that dazzled and it was the super-plex. Before and after that all, the match contain was WWE's attempt to show the crowd that Kelly Kelly is a creditable champion and should be taken seriously. Beth lost the same way as well in a surprise roll-up.

People are telling me that WWE is trying to show that Kelly Kelly really is a Diva and I am wrong for criticizing her–but in this case I am criticizing WWE.

No matter who they put in front of both John Cena and Kelly Kelly, even if it is person who is clearly better and talented, they will find a way to have them win.

That much has been made clear at Night of Champions.