WWE Night of Champions 2011: Will Cody Rhodes Soon Be Losing His Mask?

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2011

Are we ready for narcissism again?
Are we ready for narcissism again?

Tonight, Cody Rhodes would beat Ted Dibiase in probably the best possible situation for both men. Rhodes got a clean win on Ted yet Dibiase still looked strong in defeat.

If anyone watched this match, they would have watched a hard fought match that got no respect from the crowd. These two fought their hardest and threw in some great innovative moves and tactics. In the last minute, Ted Dibiase would remove the mask of Cody Rhodes which would be the second time the mask had been removed this week.

Rhodes would roll up Ted for the three count right after losing the mask, but the thought kept popping up. Is Cody ready to lose that mask? Is it coming off soon?

Everyone knows that Cody Rhodes has no facial problems. That has been apparent for a while. Is it time for Cody to realize that fact?

While Cody has had a great run so far as a deformed man who wants everyone to feel as ugly as he feels, the character of Rhodes has rarely used the idea that he is deformed at all lately.

He could easily go around bagging people and acting high and mighty without the mask.

Maybe it is time to see Rhodes lose the facial mask. No matter what though, Rhodes and Dibiase are starting what could be a great feud if Ted can get more over as a face.

The main problem with the feud know is simply a lack of crowd reaction. Ryder probably got a bigger reaction during the match than either man working in the squared circle.

While these men are incredibly talented, they need to change something to get the crowd involved. Maybe the mask needs to come off.

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