How The Internet Wrestling Community Is Ruining Wrestling For Themselves

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 24, 2008

When you’re really into wrestling you feel a need to know everything about it. To the point where it almost consumes all of your thoughts. What is going to happen next? When is he returning? Who will win the match?

Regular fans watch to see what happens but that is not good enough for those of you reading this. You as sometimes I do, feel the need to know everything about wrestling sometimes before it even happens.

All you have to do it type in whatever you want to know in a search box and then you will know everything you want to know about say...When is so and so returning, or spoilers for Smackdown or who might win at a PPV.

Here is the kicker—as we do this we ruin wrestling for ourselves. We take away that element of surprise that we all loved about wrestling in the first place.

Then we complain about it here on the web and we don't even recognize that we are the ones ruining wrestling with our "Breaking News" and "spoilers." We are taking away that element of surprise and thus we have nothing to be surprised about when it happens and nothing to look forward to.

Last night I ordered Survivor Series and as the WWE Championship Match began I assumed Jeff Hardy would run in and attack his two opponents, but instead of that we saw Edge return. I had no clue that this was going to happen and I'm glad I didn't because I was absolutely hooked to my television the whole time. All because I had no clue he was returning.

So Here is my advice to you. If you want to enjoy wrestling again stop looking up all of the spoilers and potential returns and just enjoy what happens on TV and write about that. You may like being surprised again. I know I did and I for one will be cutting down my spoiler searching here on the Internet.

I felt like a little kid again watching Edge's return as it was the first time I was truly surprised watching wrestling in a very long time and I enjoyed it much more than I would have done if I had found out this was going to happen on a internet site.