WWE Night of Champions 2011: Is the Conspiracy Real for Awesome Truth?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2011

Tonight, R-Truth and The Miz lost a competitive contest that could have gone either way at times. The two conspiracy theorists would end up losing their match against Air Boom but not in the way most expected.

Kofi and Evan would retain thanks to a disqualification after The Miz blasted the referee. Why did the Miz lose it on a referee? Well, surprisingly, it was completely legitimate.

During the contest, Kofi Kingston was being dominated by The Miz when he tried to tag in Evan Bourne. He would not connect yet Evan ran in, and the ref allowed it. Then, as the referee was distracted, The Miz hit Evan Bourne with the Skull Crushing Finale yet only got a one-count thanks to a huge delay by the distracted ref.

Finally, the Miz just got fed up with all the bad calls, and he lost it on the ref.

In all of this, The Miz and R-Truth should have left the PPV as WWE Tag Team Champions. Instead, they were overcome by annoyance and just lost their cool.

With all of this bad work by the referee, was the referee actually trying to make sure that The Awesome Truth (a name that has been recognized by the WWE) did not win? Could the conspiracy be real?

Probably not, but this match made that possibility more present. In fact, it could factor into the main event match between CM Punk and Triple H as these two may want to get a new COO in place who will not cheat them. They would even make comments about it after their match.

I can see these men either getting involved to help CM Punk or starting to get involved with Triple H in the coming months. Hopefully, no matter what happens, we will see the continuing of this feud for the tag titles and maybe eventually see the Awesome Truth as tag team champions. If not, maybe they can use their new connection to find a way in to the WWE Title picture.

No matter what happens, the tag title scene is looking more and more exciting with each passing day as Air Boom and The Awesome Truth furthering a cool feud.

The conspiracy is ever present! Comment!