WWE Night of Champions 2011: Triple H's Return and the 11 Most Memorable Moments

Joe M.Correspondent ISeptember 18, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011: Triple H's Return and the 11 Most Memorable Moments

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    WWE pay-per-views are always full of memorable moments. Even the shows that don't deliver as a whole have a number of spots that are remembered by fans.

    This show, however, was both filled with memorable spots and great matches.

    As a whole, most fans would likely agree Night of Champions delivered. From the surprising World Heavyweight Championship match to the great CM Punk vs. Triple H fight, the show was one of the better pay-per-views of 2011.

    As always, read through and leave a comment below with your thoughts.

The Miz Opens the Show

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    It's almost tough to believe that The Miz defeated John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania for the WWE Championship this year.

    WWE hasn't completely dropped the ball on The Miz, but opening the show in a tag team match with R-Truth and Air Boom (Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston, for those of you who don't want to deal with the idiotic name) is a surprising, recent low for The Miz.

    The match was a great way to open the show, but that doesn't change the fact that this is not the right way to be using The Miz.

    He also lost by disqualification; you would expect they would at least put The Miz over cleanly.

Cody Rhodes' Mask Comes off

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    It's about time, too.  After months of wearing that idiotic plastic abomination on his face, Ted DiBiase ripped it off his face just before Rhodes rolled him up for the win.

    Let's just hope WWE keeps it off Rhodes for...well, forever.

Sheamus Kicks Christian

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    Sure, Christian and Sheamus talked, but more importantly—they started a feud.

    Yes, they have faced each other before, but they have yet to have a full-blown rivalry.

    A Christian vs. Sheamus feud has serious potential to be something big, and it looks like it was kicked off (pun intended, Sheamus kicked Christian) tonight at Night of Champions.

United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match

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    This is how a Fatal Four Way Match should go down.  It had the right amount of high spots and false finishes, and they were even able to throw Vickie Guerrero into the mix without having her steal any of the match's thunder.

    The match was great; Vickie actually added a layer of depth to the match.

Mark Henry Gets a World Title Match

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    Mark Henry has been with the WWE for what seems like an eternity. Going back as far as the Attitude Era, he has been there.

    While he's had a few main event runs, he has never quite had a legitimate main event run, in which he won pay-per-view matches and was in World Championship matches.

    For the first time in a while, Mark Henry was showcased in the World Heavyweight Championship match on pay-per-view.  For a veteran who probably only has two more years left in his system, that's somewhat memorable.

Mark Henry Wins the World Heavyweight Championship

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    What's more memorable than a 15-year veteran getting a World Title Match at a pay-per-view?  Winning that World Title Match and becoming World Champion for the first time.

    Mark Henry is one of the most deserving wrestlers of the World Heavyweight Championship, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone who is not, at least, a little happy that after 15 years, he's become World Champion.

Beth Phoenix Loses

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    Beth Phoenix seemed to have so much going for her. It looked as though WWE was shifting towards a more wrestling-oriented Divas division, the event was in her hometown and she is CM Punk's girlfriend.

    Tonight wasn't her night, though, as she once again lost her Divas Championship match.

Alberto Del Rio Taps and John Cena Wins the WWE Championship

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    Super Cena makes Del Rio tap!  How...predictable.

    Nonetheless, it was still a WWE Championship match and, with the submission, a new WWE Champion was crowned.

Triple H Returns to the Ring

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    It was a little odd when Justin Roberts announced Triple H as the Chief Operating Officer of WWE.

    Meanwhile, he was walking down the ramp in his tights, water bottle in hand. But it was great to see Triple H make his entrance as a wrestler again.

    It's been too long since we've seen Triple H wrestle, but the wait was worth it. Hopefully he comes back to the ring full time, as the main event scene can use him, and he certainly has two or three good years left in him as an in-ring performer.

CM Punk's Top Rope Leap

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    This was the spot of the night, by far.  CM Punk climbed up to the top rope and jumped to the outside of the ring into Triple H who was on the announcers table.

    This is the kind of spot that would be able to carry a match, but what made it even better is the fact that this match didn't need that spot to be considered great; the huge leap was just an added bonus.

CM Punk vs. Triple H

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    Simply put, too many big things happened in this match. 

    Kevin Nash interfered, The Miz and T-Truth interfered and Scott Armstrong punched The Miz.

    John Laurinaitis made a special appearance, CM Punk's top rope jump, too much was going on to name them all, so the entire match is going in as a memorable moment.

    So much was going on, in fact, that Triple H winning the bout didn't seem all that eventful.

    I guess this is lesson to all business executives out there. If an employee is challenging what you say...fight him.