North Texas Quarterback Uses Colorful Words To Describe Tide DE Jesse Williams

Jimmy McMurreyAnalyst IISeptember 18, 2011

TUSCALOOSA, AL - SEPTEMBER 3:  Defensive lineman Jesse Williams #54 of the Alabama Crimson Tide during first quarter action with the Kent State Golden Flashes on September 3, 2011 at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Alabama defeated Kent State 48-7.  (Photo by Greg McWilliams/Getty Images)
Greg McWilliams/Getty Images

North Texas has the ball on their own 27-yard line. Play-action pass; Mean Green quarterback Derek Thompson fakes the hand-off. Thompson turns to look for an open man, but he can't see. A mountain of Aborigine muscle is blocking his view. What does Thompson say?

Usually the viewers don't get to hear much from the actual field other than the loud grunts and clashing of helmets and pads, but not in this game. The directional microphones were outstanding.  The sound of the players voices was not studio quality, but it was clear enough to hear what Derek Thompson had to say. 

When Thompson faked the hand-off it was a good fake. Unfortunately for him, Jesse Williams was already in the backfield, and he was making a bee-line for the running back. Williams, however, sniffed out the play in an instant. His motor kicked in and you would have been hard pressed to find a man that large turn on the jets and change direction as fast as he did. 

So what did the microphones allow the fans at home to indulge in for those listening closely? What did Thompson say? What could you possibly say when a man like Williams is a breath away from crushing you?

There's only two words I could possibly think of, and Thompson thought the same thing. 

"OH S@#%!," is what was caught by the microphones. 

It was quick and yet audible enough for those that pay attention to what the microphones pick up.  You can see the play in this video at the 1:18 mark. The on-field sounds were replaced, unfortunately, by stereotypical battle/car chase/spy movie music, but such is the way of YouTube.

For those of you that have this game on DVR but don't recall hearing this golden moment, go back and watch it again. 

When it comes to Williams, I am a shameless fanboy. I admit it. The guy hasn't done a whole lot yet, but if he stays his full two years we have another 20 or so games to watch him. His potential alone is exciting enough, especially since he isn't stuck plugging the middle as a nose guard.   

I have a feeling North Texas quarterback Derek Thompson wont be the last to shout that phase with Jesse Williams inches away.