Philadelphia Eagles Offense in a State of Chaos

Matt MatusekContributor INovember 24, 2008

There are so many questions surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles these days that it's hard to know how to start this article.  So, I'm just going to rant.

For starters, it seems to Andy Reid that quarterback Donovan McNabb is so bad this year that he was forced to rely on his second year backup quarterback Kevin Kolb to come to the rescue on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens

With the Ravens leading 10-7, and the Eagles receiving the ball first in the second half, it seemed like the McNabb era in Philly was officially over.  Except...Kolb was worse in the second half than McNabb was in the first half.

After the game in his absolutely unbearable press conference, Reid once again answered zero questions about why he brought in Kolb, or why he refuses to run the ball even when the run game is gaining positive yards consistently. 

So, today in Reid's Monday unbearable press conference, we find out that Reid is giving McNabb the start on Thanksgiving night against the Arizona Cardinals.  Not that any of this really matters, because there is almost no chance of the Eagles making the playoffs, barring some sort of miracle.

The reality is that at the end of the season, McNabb will be gone.  And if I had my way, Reid would follow right behind him.  But, the latter is unlikely to happen, considering that Reid is guaranteed money for the next three years.  The only way Reid is gone is if there is some sort of buy-out between he and the Eagles. 

But, McNabb and Reid are the tip of the iceberg.  All of a sudden, Brian Westbrook of now is not the Westbrook of old.  Now, to be fair to Westbrook, he is nursing a bad ankle and had broken ribs earlier in the year, so we may be able to simply write off his poor performances of late to those injuries.  But, next year he will be 30 years old and running backs don't typically last too much longer than that.

Westbrook isn't the only running back problem either.  Correll Buckhalter, who has had three major knee surgeries, is an injury waiting to happen, and he is getting up there in age also.  And third string running back Lorenzo Booker is never going to see the field. 

Our starting tight end and franchise player is Little John Smith, more commonly known as L.J. Smith.  He is currently in his sixth NFL season, and also supposedly in his fifth breakout year.  The problem with that is he has never had a breakout year and this year certainly isn't going to be it. 

The Eagles' offensive line has a slew of problems as well, most notably Shawn Andrews' nagging back problems, and also his fragile state of mind.  I've been increasingly questioning whether Andrews even has a back problem still.

In the beginning, it was said to have been a minor injury, and Andrews was supposed to be out a week or so.

I'm thinking he might still be depressed and the Eagles are simply hiding it.  Andy Reid recently said that, "Shawn's had some bleeding back there, so we'll how he feels here in the coming weeks."  Uhhhhhh, what?

Jon Runyan is in his 12th year at age 34, and he is clearly no longer in his prime.  William "Tra" Thomas is in his 10th year at age 34, and he is not the same player he was a couple of years ago. 

And just imagine what the offense would look like if it weren't for rookie DeSean Jackson! Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant, Hank Baskett, and Greg Lewis all have one thing in common: they are not consistent.  Jackson has been the only bright spot in the offense all season. 

In short, the Eagles have a ton of questions on the offensive side of the ball.  Who is going to move the ball down the field?  The Eagles once again went without an offensive touchdown against the Ravens, and I don't foresee one in the near future.

And all these questions don't bring into account Reid and Marty Morninwhig's play-calling, which has been atrocious, abysmal, and awful all at the same time. 

And to make matters worse, the Eagles have just as many question marks on the defensive side of the ball.  But, those will have to be saved for a different article.