Oklahoma City wins 10 games: Over or thUNDER?

David RobinsonContributor INovember 24, 2008

(Triple-Threat: Shot)

At the start of the NBA season, I jokingly told my brother that the Oklahoma City Thunder wouldn't win more than nine games. However, after their 1-12 start; call me a prophet.

After firing P.J. Carlesimo and hiring interim coach Scott Brooks, the Thunder now look to rebuild. However, was firing the necessary solution? 

The problem didn't lie within the coaching staff. Similar to the Eddie Jordan scenario in Washington, someone simply had to take the fall for losses. And it's like Bleacher Report's Senior Writer Joe Willett says, "You can't fire the players..."

So who can you blame for the losses? Management may not be able to blame the players, but I can. Carlesimo, now Brooks, entered every game with "insufficient players." 

I blame Oklahoma City's roster—no bueno.

They have a great young talent in Kevin Durant, but he's no LeBron James. Besides that, you have a bunch of other guys who were winners in college, but never had the proper guidance to win in the NBA.

Nick Collison played for Kansas and had a great career there but where'd that land him? Sleepless in Seattle with the then Supersoncics.

Collison was also alongside the the college-monster Chris Wilcox from Maryland. Gary Williams wasn't the only one who wished Wilcox would've stayed another year. Wilcox's career isn't as good as it should've been. Maybe he should ask former Maryland alumni Joe Smith for advice.

Earl Watson, at best, is a good backup point guard. I don't know how or why anyone in the Thunder's front office thought he could lead a team. 

Jeff Green and Damien Wilkins are an okay tandem at the 3 and 4 respectively, but c'mon...who's mentioning them in star-studded Western Conference?

The rest of the cast/team resembles a "Where Are They Now?" spot on VH1 including the aforementioned Smith and rounding off with Desmond Mason.

All of that adds to the horrendous 1-12 start. Considering Oklahoma City has 69 games left; if they win one game for every 12 losses, they can go 6-72 and have 10 games left over to win or lose.

On the games that the Thunder have lost, it's been by an average of only 13 points? So considering this is the first year for Oklahoma city: was it really Carlesimo's fault that they kept losing? 

Logic says no, but management said, "Farewell Carlesimo, and hello Scott!"

My prediction is that the Thunder will go 9-73 this season.

I'm out.