Commander's Call: Has the Fat Lady Already Begun To Sing?

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

As long as I can remember, people have said, "It ain't over til the fat lady sings."

Right now, your cousin Vickie, you know the fat obnoxious cousin, is too busy eating Twinkies and drinking Red Bull's to even warm up her vocal chords.

With the current landscape in college football, there is way to much football to play in the next two weeks of the regular season/championship week before she can get up off that couch at the house, and serenade the fans of USC, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas Tech.

With all the "so-called" experts out there, your's truly included, we have an abundance of predictions of how this BCS fiasco will play out, and that is one of the countless joys of college football.

Everybody has a say and everyone has an opinion, but opinions are like _____  and everyone has one.

Hopefully, this year will prove again the debilitating effect the BCS has on college football as the title game again leaves out one, two, maybe even three worthy opponents, and for what?

The almighty dollar, or the lack of football knowledge of the Harris poll voters, better yet the pathetic first place votes of the coaches staying within "Conference" for their No. 1 vote only knowing that the BCS revenue will be coming to their school and program.

In some instances, I can imagine it is personal between coaches and how they vote, and that's if they don't let the graduate assistant vote in their place. There has got to be some sort of reformation in this process. Take a deeper look into the Big 12 South's possible train wreck!

We have a one-loss Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma teams flirting with Conference and BCS let downs. All three of these teams are outstanding, although Oklahoma gutted and ransacked the Texas Tech Red Raiders with disgusting ease late Saturday night. 

Now, we wake up on Monday to see Texas is ahead of Oklahoma as expected but with a grain of salt attached. The BCS can't EVEN DECIDE A NATIONAL CHAMPION but will decide the BIG 12 SOUTH representative if all three win this Saturday?

I'd rather see a coin toss, better yet a coaches battle royal in a WWE sanctioned cage match! 

The USC Trojans have a great program, tradition, and current team out west, but the question is who have they played? Well, if you ask them and their fans, they will say "Nobody, we have crushed them all, well except for the upstart Beavers of Oregon State."

However listening to their coach whine about the BCS looks pathetic because in 2004, when Utah and Auburn didn't have a shot at the National Championship the BCS was "A O.K."

So let me say to the fans of college football maybe with some serious luck the Fat Lady can stand up and sing to the tune "The BCS is dead and over!" 

Yeah right...dream on.