Cesc Fabregas: The Light at the End of the Tunnel!

Ashish WesleySenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

What a day for the young man taking over the reigns at Arsenal Football Club. What a day for us, and collectively what a momentous day for Arsenal Football Club.
Francesc Fabregas - the captain of Arsenal Football Club, and who among us could say that we couldn't see that coming.

Announcing the new captain Arsene said:

“Gallas will play against Kyiv. But he will not captain the team, it will be Cesc Fabregas"

"This is a permanent thing. But I don’t think I especially have to explain why. I have given you information but I do not have to explain to you why I make these decisions.

“This subject is now closed. You have to respect a little bit of the team’s privacy.”

Sure, I was all for Kolo Toure trying the armband on for size first before handing it over to the young Spaniard. But really, given more thought and having read Arseblogger's piece today and Amy Lawrence in the Times, I must admit that without a shadow of a doubt, we could not at this point of time find a better man for the job of cappy at Arsenal Football Club.

I don't think we had a true leader for large portions of time after Tony Adams barring the last No. 4 of course. There may have been big characters, but not the men most suited to lead a team on the pitch. And certainly, the last incumbent at the post, Gallas just didn't cut it at all.

He wasn't Arsenal through and through; Cesc on the other hand is. He was ushered in to the ways of a Gunner. The tradition, the culture and the legacy. He lives and breathes Arsenal, much the same way we do, and it's such a delight to see him at the helm.

It's proud day for all of us associated with the Club. We've all seen the boy blossom into a man, and how. Seen him as a 17 year old. Seen him step up to those big Vieira boots. Seen him put in vital performances, notably against Juventus and Milan last year and what about that goal against Spurs last season when the chips were down.

And so many countless others. Who really can dispute that he is the real talisman once Henry departed? Who can also dispute that he didn't shoulder the responsibility of leading a young team, albeit without the armband in recent times? Who can also say with a great deal of confidence that he is not the most important player we have on the pitch?

He is the real deal, and I find myself gushing immensely ever since I found out that it was him that would lead the team out henceforth. Everyone from the players to the fans needed a lift after the goings on recently and who can deny that this wasn't it. It would be churlish to think that things would be all A-ok from here on in. But it's a start, and the most positive one we've seen in sometime.

We need reinforcements to the team, some real quality needs to acquired. Some positions on the pitch need to be strengthened. It's been a dark, doom-laden sort of with almost everything at Arsenal. As messy as you will probably ever see, but with this latest development, you can see the doom and gloom lifting.

A fresh start. The slate wiped clean, and maybe with the more realistic knowledge of the ability and depth of our squad we can re-asses our strengths and weakness and likewise take another look at what can be realistically achieved this season.

But at least we need to wonder no more who it will be that will lead the team forward. Cescy has the confidence of the players, the fans and now that's quantified by the manager who allows him to lead his young squad out.

Fab has the fire power, the right attitude, the mental toughness, and most importantly, the respect of the players, and the world you would have to say.

Maybe we are asking too much out of young Cesc, maybe the weight of expectation will weigh heavily on his young shoulders. But I really don't see that happening. And I'd hate to be proven wrong, again.

I will just remind you of another great captain who took the reins of the Arsenal team a little while ago, much the same age of young Fabregas here, and is one of the most distinguished men ever to put on the Arsenal shirt.

If Cesc can even go on and emulate half of what Tony Adams did (if you're still guessing, that is) he will long be remembered.

Take a bow Cescy! (Rather prematurely, I know but can you blame me?) Really it's a great day, and a new beginning, I can feel it in my bones! Come on Cescy you have the complete Arsenal Community behind you. It's the Cesc show from here on in ( No pressure then.. heh), and we wait in anticipation for the first episode. Over to you...

And, come on the Arsenal!!!



Speaking about his new role as club captain, Cesc said:

"It is a proud moment. I know it's a big responsibility but together with my teammates, I know we have the spirit and commitment to get back to winning ways and fulfil our potential."

And will direct you to what Gael Clichy who was also in the running for captain as you would believe, had to say about Cesc being handed the armband, that's here.

And I'm outy!